Search field focus order via keyboard

  • This might seem like a nitpick, but...would it be possible to change the search field focus order when accessed via keyboard? For years now, I've been accustomed to accessing the search field in Opera by pressing F8 (to get the address bar focus) and then pressing Tab to switch to search field. However, with Vivaldi, it's F8, Tab, Tab, since now the first Tab only switches keyboard focus to the bookmark button. For such a small thing, it's incredibly annoying. It's one thing for old habits to die hard, but I also think it actually makes more sense to switch focus from address field directly to search field and THEN perhaps to bookmark button, if it really needs to be accessible this way (wouldn't a direct shortcut actually be better, though?). It's probably my No. 1 Vivaldi UI annoyance right now (well, apart from the overall sluggishness when using 20+ tabs), I ALWAYS forget to press the Tab twice instead of just once like I'm used to 😉 Thanks 😉


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