Speed Dial Ctrl+No

  • Hello, in Opera12 it was possible to open the website on the forth position in the speed dial for example with Ctrl+4 etc. This is a very important feature to me and some people I talked to. Could you integrate that, or did I not find it yet?

  • I too hope that his feature gets added. Until such time, might want to try modifying the nicknames in your
    Bookmarks for each of the speed dial tabs. For example, use "4" as a nickname for tab four, You will then be able to open the website at the fourth tab position by hitting "F2 + 4". One con to this method is that, unlike the Opera shortcut keys which open the assigned webpage in the same tab that is being viewed, Vivaldi opens it in a new tab. That can result in a lot of unwanted tabs being opened. That aside, this method will allow you to speed dial with two keystrokes.

  • Iam also looking forward to this speedial feature.(ctr+num)
    And thanks GUUM. Bookmark trichk with nickname is better than nothing 🙂


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