Save Tiled Tabs as One Bookmark

  • I have some bookmarks I always open tiled, and always with the same ratio, for example the left website filling 1/3 of the screen and the right 2/3.

    It would be really convenient if I could create a bookmark that saves the websites AND the size and setup of the tiles. So one click enables me to get back into the original setup.

  • @bjarteao Sessions can already do this, although there are still some bugs that might change the orientation of the tiles depending on the layout that you choose.

    I did a quick test and it worked better than expected. I save two tiled tabs in a window on my secondary monitor, using the Save Only Tabs In Current Window option.

    This is the result (scaled down to ¼)

    0_1539974140824_Tiled Session.jpg

    On opening the saved session in a new window

    • The position on the secondary monitor is preserved
    • Tiling and Stacking are preserved
    • The width of the tiles is preserved
    • The page zoom on each tab is preserved
    • The scroll position on each tab is preserved.

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