• Disclaimer: this is not a self-promotion topic, i'm not that smart to do it. And it has been regulated with our lovely community managers.

    Well, i assume we are not living under a rock, and can easily see how amazing V-community is. Even though, i'm new here, i want to give something back, something very important to me.
    Except for Browser, Vivaldi gives us a few tools to express ourselves. And this is just incredible!

    What i want to achieve here - well, every week there will be a compilation of 4 tracks (sometimes they will be put under their genre, such as Soundtracks, Dance etc.). And if someone, on this planet, will discover some records and they'll fell in love with them, i would be really happy!

    I know there is a few music topics, but i want this to be a little bit different.
    If you know some interesting facts about musicians in compilations - tell us!
    If you know some similar records - tell us!
    If you want just to say thanks, after discovering something interesting..well, you know what to do! 🙂

    Ok. Essentials #1

  • @cafosse The thread title is odd. Is that what you intended?

    Do you know about Derek Paravacini?

    If you play the piano, I suspect that you have.

  • @pesala Well, i'll disappoint you, i have not heard about this person. But now i have - so thanks to you! 🙂
    About the title..honestly..i just could not come up with something interesting, as a result - this very lame title ahah... 😞

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    It's been years since I was on mixcloud for the last time. They used to show titles of the tracks in mixes/compilations. Isn't that a thing anymore? 🤔

  • @pafflick They do, if a track available in stores, otherwise you need to add titles manually.

  • This week's Essentials. I hope you'll find something interesting for you!

    alt text

  • This week's Essentials: video games soundtracks. Have you played these games?

    alt text

  • Next one: movie soundtracks. Four really good movies. Four incredible soundtracks.
    If you haven't seen the last one, i highly recommend it.

    alt text

    Also, i really want to know, do you guys like this series so far? Have you found something interesting? Some feedback would be appreciated!

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    @cafosse I don't like the track from The Bourne Identity that you choose. For some reason, to me it sounds - I don't know - annoying (?). Although I do agree that it's a really good movie. But still, my favorite song from the Bourne movies would probably be the main theme song Extreme Ways by Moby. It might be due to the fact that I used to listen to Moby a lot when I discovered his music for the first time when I was a teenager (he was the favorite artist of one girl that I had a crush on back in high school, LOL 😁). And now this music is "tinged with the sweet glow of nostalgia" to me. (I just love this sentence! Got it from the meme attached below).


    I didn't see the latter two movies, they just don't look like my type. Might give'em a try one day, though... 🤔

  • @pafflick Thanks, P, for your message. I thought no one seeing these posts, heh.
    Yes, i know what you mean about "Bourne On Land" track. Personally, i don't mind this "high pitch kinda-old-record-from-a-movie" background sound. But it was compositor's decision to do that, so...And i chose it just because, every time i think about Bourne's movies, i hear this main melody in my hear.
    Didn't chose Moby, because it was not an original record for the movie. Simple as that. Even, though, Extreme Ways is a phenomenal record (like all records from Moby btw 😃 ). Also, i'm glad you brought Mo in this topic, because i'm a really big 'fan'...And probably know about him more than about myself...And a little secret - one of the following episodes will be dedicated to him.
    "tinged with the sweet glow of nostalgia" - next time when will be doing homemade cake, probably will write it on the top! HA-HA. Thanks, P.!

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    @cafosse I know it was not made for the movie, they just used it (and it fitted pretty well) and when I think about Jason Bourne it is the first song that plays in my head.

    I just have to correct something. It's not the track from The Bourne Identity that I didn't like, it was actually Comptine d’Un Autre Été by Yann Tiersen from the movie Amélie. I was doing stuff while listening to it and I didn't notice the transition between the first two tracks, so, after looking at the playlist (but not at the timeline) I assumed that the track that was currently playing was from the The Bourne Identity (whereas it was actually from Amélie).

    What is surprising is the fact that I didn't see the movie but I know this piece quite well. I must've heard it several times at least. I don't know what's wrong with it (probably nothing), but for some reason, I don't like the melody - especially the high notes. This one must be "tinged" with some bad memories/feelings to me, but to be honest - I have no idea. Maybe I just don't like it. It's just funny that merely because I know that piece, I automatically assumed that it must be from a movie that I watched.

    So, it means that there's actually nothing wrong with the track that you picked from the Jason Bourne movie - at least for me. 😅

    On a side note: recently, I saw a very good movie Upgrade (released this year) and I particularly liked the closing song A Better Place by Jed Palmer. Together with the movie's ending, it was a perfect match IMO.

    And when it comes to Moby, my favourite "theme song" is Porcelain used in the 2000's movie The Beach. Likewise, Pure Shores by All Saints is also a great piece that can be found there. Even though the story (as depicted in the movie) or the acting were not top-notch, both the soundtrack and the cinematography make it worth watching at least twice. 😃

    I highly recommend those two movies, if you didn't see them.

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    @cafosse I added a tag to the thread

  • @gwen-dragon Thank you!


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