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  • Should https://demo.bitmovin.com/public/firefox/av1/ work?

    Or is there a difference between the YouTube and BitMovin AV1 encodings?
    E.g. Vivaldi plays avc1.64002a (299) but not av01.0.05M.08 (399) on YouTube.

  • @dantesoft said in Quick Command Parameters – v1v4ld1 br0w53r 5n4p5h07 1337.17:

    Should https://demo.bitmovin.com/public/firefox/av1/ work?

    not until they stop forcedly check if you're using firefox.

    On youtube you have to go https://www.youtube.com/testtube and select if you prefer always AV1, only for SD (low resolutions) or not having it at all, which means continue to prefer VP9 & AVC1

  • @dantesoft
    Hi, the video from Youtube play fine here but Mozilla does not.
    Youtube is av01.0.05M.08 (396) / opus (251).
    These video codes are driving me nuts sometimes, there are hundreds or even thousands. bomb

    Opensuse Tumbleweed x86_64
    CPU i7-3520M 8 GB
    GPU Intel HD4000
    xf86-video-intel 2.99.917-6.1
    KDE Plasma
    Vivaldi 2.1.1337.17 (Official Build) snapshot (64-bit)

  • @neltherion: The idea of v as a keyword in the address bar is great!

    I dont know if it needs machine learning or if there is already an spell correction that one could just use for this (eg the already in chromium integrated HunSpell). However, ML is of course a great selling trendy thing and in the long run more powerful than just using Hunspell! 😉

    I would suggest to have alternative keywords that leads to the same command. I often type "duplicate" but Vivaldi only understands "clone" tab.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    @neltherion Love the idea! Especially because I work in this area (focusing in NLP at this moment) and I would love to have this feature (I taught of it too, but never said it). IF Vivaldi Team would like some "where to start" tips or something, I'm available!

  • @mib2berlin: There are not thousands of codecs but thousands of combinations of settings for all kinds of material and that's what causes the problems (we have over 8k tests in the testsuite).

    Apart from that: .h264 will stay for a loooong time simply because most of the cameras or video production etc support it, because every re-encoding lowers the quality apart from if you work lossless (which most youtubers etc don't do because they don't have the necessary hardware) and because it will take a long time until hardware decoding support will come to AV1 (first chips in significant numbers are estimated for Spring 2019 - and I doubt all people will change their hardware immediately). I did some tests yesterday and it needs a quite powerful CPU to decode higher resolution AV1 for now, whereas VP8 and h264 can use the GPU, which is much better suited for such purposes. Additionally buffering on AV1 doesn't seem to work well yet, at least it made some problems with higher resolutions here - especially speaking of >1080p@60Hz - the connection was not good enough to keep up a continuous stream.


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