Any word on M3? (internal mail client)

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    @mib2berlin Maybe it depends on habits, i've been using M2 for almost 20 years and i'm comfortable with labels.
    For M3 hopefully this is really the year in which it comes out, now M2 is beginning to feel the years passing.
    For my use, M3 is already at a good level, i'm just missing a couple of things that i hope to implement soon.

  • @Codehunter

    I've been waiting for M3 since the 2016 release of Vivaldi as well. Yes, I am frustrated by the lack of an integrated email client into the browser. However, I completely disagree with your opinion that Vivaldi doesn't seen a need for unique features.

    I use the web panels every day to use Twitter, Vivaldi Mail, and do web searches. Every bookmark that I make ends up being tagged and named so I can easily call them up. Notes has become a full fledged word processor. I cannot tell you how important it's become to my daily life to be able to highlight text, send it to Note, and have the url of the web page, a screenshot of the webpage, and the text itself stored and easily organized for later use. I use it almost, but not quite, as much as Vivaldi's native screencapturing tool (which I have customized to show me the website name, webpage title, date and time automatically). Oh, I almost forgot about tab hibernation and tab stacking which are incredibly important in keeping my workflow organized.

    To do that on Chrome I would have to install the following Extensions: OneNote, ToDoist, The Great Suspender, Numbis Screenshot, a bookmarker like Papaly or Atavi, and individual extensions for Twitter/FB/Instagram, OH! And don't forget, WebRTC Limiter extension since Chrome doesn't allow you to turn WebRTC off on the settings like Vivaldi does.

    Sure, I would like an email client from Vivaldi. We all would.

    But I'm extremely happy of the work the lengths they have gone in order to give me some of the most important features I use every single day multiple times a day. An email client would dramatically help me integrate email into my workflow in a way that I can't right now BUT I couldn't do half of what I do now without the features Vivaldi has built into their browser.

  • I'm still wondering why we couldn't have gotten a simple RSS client built-in years ago. Why does it have to be tied-in with M3? Will there even be an RSS client?

  • @Pinkmeister i would doubt it.
    if it has been years and still no inclusion then it is a sure bet the idea is abandoned.

  • @Priest72 The RSS icon in settings was (deliberately?) leaked several snapshots ago; pretty sure will come with mail. When, is a mystery. I'd risk to say towards xmas.

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    @Priest72 Don’t spread conspiracy theories. Vivaldi are not going to abandon five years of work just because it is difficult to complete.

    Insiders like @Ayespy and @Gwen-Dragon are already using it. Jón is also using it, of course.

    The first technical previews even had a place-holder for the mail panel.

    This may be unrelated to the mail client, but if you use the default shortcut to Open the next panel (Alt+F7), you will notice a blank panel after the Window Panel.

    Reported as: (VB-70584)

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    @Pinkmeister Feed reader is a built-in of M3.

    If you need a separate feed reader, please use a extension.

  • If the mail client is going to appear then all is good.
    Hmm maybe a poll on this forum about whether a mail client is wanted/needed would of been a good idea.

    But i will say if the mail client was announced 5 years ago then expect potential users to be asking questions as 5 years is a stretch.

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    This post is deleted!

  • @Pinkmeister

    I'm curious as to why there isn't a native Vivaldi RSS feeder. Feeds in Opera Browser is hands down one of the best features in that browser. Whenever I have opened up Opera in the last year or so the feeds are actually the only thing I use the browser for.

    Why do RSS and M3 need to be integrated together instead of being individual features? I would love for someone to educate me as to why that design choice is being made.

    I've always envisioned RSS feeds integrated into Vivaldi's New Tab / Speed Dial page that would provide a magazine styled scroll of news from feeds you are subscribed too. Opera's version makes sense but I feel it misses the mark when it comes to overall design.

    Yandex browser circa 2017 had an amazing news feed feature that was pulled out of the browser and turned into something called Zen. It learned your browsing and reading habits and offered you RSS feed suggestions based on that.

    Yandex Zen is currently a hub of disinformation but the project has an excellent design and UI that could offer guidance for which direction Vivaldi should head as RSS feeds become integrated into the browser. I just downloaded NewsFlash (The descendant of FeedReader and a new Linux RSS aggregator) and I am using it to try and cut down on tabs and to help funnel news directly to me instead of making me go look for it.

    RSS and email are completely different workflows for me so I am puzzled as to why they are being developed together. I trust Jon and the Vivaldi team though. I know he won't let M3 fail so I am sure whatever he has in mind is the best overall for the project.

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    @jrsilvey Mail and RSS are natural partners. They use the same sort of communication infrastructure. That's why, for instance, when you install Thunderbird, it wants to know if you want to create a news account or an email account, and whether you want it to be your default news reader.

  • @Ayespy
    I just hope that despite common code base, they will be accessible separately. For example having a Mail and a Feeds tab on the start page instead of putting them together.

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    @Nekomajin I don't know for sure.

  • @Nekomajin I second this.

    I would really prefer to have access to Mail functions in my Panel and RSS functions on my Speed Dial/New Tab page.

  • I am still using windows XP & windows 7. I have a huge investment in CAD and other well written software that I am familiar with. Still using opera M2 for my mail since I have many contacts. By the time vivaldi gets M3 completed Windows 7 won't be supported either. Windows 10 is bloated and does not support legacy software, Why would I even want to switch ? When I was younger I thought that software would become faster to use, It has not !
    I want speed & in my lifetime !!!!!!!!

  • If your setup works fine for you and there is no need to upgrade then you dont need M3, just keep using your computer for your current needs.

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    @saudiqbal Assuming they don't mind having a billion security holes in their system, of course.

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  • Hopefully the next build comes with M3, its almost the end of 2020 and almost 5 years.

  • @saudiqbal
    Everything works fine except opera 12.17. I need a secure browser that has built in email client. I have been patiently waiting 5 years, And I am not getting younger.

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