Any word on M3? (internal mail client)

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    @3gerald , as @Ayespy said, we are making good progress on M3. At the same time we want to make sure it is as stable as possible before we launch. A number of us have been using M3 for quite some time and it works well for our use, but we want it to work well for you all. All I can say is that we are getting closer each day now and we should have something to show you in the not too distant future!


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    @3gerald I think all the necessary talent is focused on M3 that needs be, at present. It just that it is a huge and finicky project with an awe-inspiring number of moving parts.

    I also paid for my first Opera license, and continue to find M2 indispensable. It is simply a superior client. And so will M3 be.

  • @Ayespy I was using M2 for some time after the demise of Opera, however, being based on the Presto engine which was leaked to the darkweb and totally abandoned I 've stopped using it some years ago. I wouldn't call it still indispensable, it had its html display problems, its signature problems, its security problems, and -naturally- there have been way more better mail clients than it over the years. The eM Client for example is fantastic and it's my default (on Windows) since then. I really hope M3 can surpass it, but I'm not so sure, eM being a native (coded) program.

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    @npro I have a lifetime EMClient license. I find it gimmicky, heavy, and needlessly complex - plus it doesn't handle GMail IMAP properly. Plus for years, it had no threaded/conversation view. I tried taking advantage of many of its features when I first installed it, but ultimately found they were of no actual value to me. Don't expect M3 to be similar.

  • @npro said in Any word on M3? (internal mail client):

    security problems

    Details, please. Are you talking about outdated ciphers that anyone can disable?

  • @jumpsq In general (because M2 can still be used with <12.18 which until late 2013 had its problems, from 2013 'til 2016 when M2 was practically abandoned everyone was left in the dark until Opera was... notified (woke up) by an external researcher in 2016 and in conjuction with the code leak of 2017 which is a risk.
    Who knows if any researcher cares about M2 anymore, I seriously doubt it looking at current Opera's (trendy/casual) userbase, I'm sure that if you 'd do a questionnaire right now 99% would not ever have heard about its existence, and 99% would be using some form of webmail (gmail in particular).

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    I still use M2 (12.18) and it's definitely not very safe to use anymore, but since we use it in a handful of people i doubt anyone will exploit its vulnerabilities.
    M3 at the moment for my use is not yet ready, but they continue to work on it and almost daily introduce/fix things related to mail.
    Obviously M3 won't appeal to everyone, the opinions between @Ayespy and @npro on EMClient are a clear example of how users rate or otherwise a thing.
    Surely those who used M2 will feel at home, the substance is all there and some things that i adored in M2 makes me happy to find them in M3, of course there are also things that i would have preferred not to find anymore and others find them implemented in a different way, but i'm also a Vivaldi user and it's well known that we are demanding and difficult to please. πŸ™‚

  • M3 coming April 22? Just got an email for something great πŸ™„

  • @saudiqbal I somehow doubt it since Jon et al have said in the recent snapshot release notes that this would not be the case. Should they plan to start a beta phase for M3, I'm all for it, but developers have to finish 3.0, so iit's likely just about 3.0 being released. And releasing M3 without beta would be strange.

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    I sincerely hope that there are no surprises. The last time they did that we had endless threads on the PiP icon. The email client surely needs some testing in Snapshots before it is released.

    The first surprise should be just version 3 with Ad-blocking and Tracking, improved PiP, and the Clock. The second surprise will likely be the first stable release for Android.

  • Just maybe 3.0.1874.5 snapshot will not be released as stable next week, maybe they will keep the snapshot channel going a few more weeks, with the lack of Google development. Also got an email, a little bit of a song&dance if it is only about stable 3 being released. Personaly do not think Android is ready for stable, just my opinion of course. Maybe it is M3 being put into snapshot.

  • @saudiqbal I would somehow expect it, since none of the testers have replied to you.

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    As much as I would have loved M3 to be in the upcoming release, it is not. It still requires some polishing. We continue to focus on stability and speed while polishing the feature set. As is widely known, a fair amount of us use it every day, but there are still show stoppers for wider distribution. We continue to make good progress on that and hopefully the wait will not be long now. We all realize now would be a good time to release, so we are doing our best to get this out ASAP.

  • @jon thank you so much for taking the time to clarify this Jon. Will happily wait patiently & with excited anticipation..

  • And so our watch continues…

  • But then what happens on the 22nd ⁉ 😲 😡

  • @Pathduck Maybe "just" 3.0 stable with native blockers & Vivaldi Mobile Stable ? πŸ™‚

  • Will M3 be available in the Android browser too when it's ready?

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    @irm Not immediately. It has not actually been decided whether to try that. It would have to be totally re-written for Android, as the PC structure would not work on any known phone. It would overwhelm local storage quickly (keeps local copies of mails). The idea that Vivaldi M3 or something similar would be kewl on mobile has been bandied about, but nothing has been settled on.

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    This post is deleted!

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