Add-ons and some suggestions

  • Hi, I am a posting for the first time on this forum so I'd like to greet every old-opera and Vivaldi fans 🙂 I've found out about Vivaldi project lately and got very excited as being someone who still uses opera 12.17. I've become very fond of this project and by using the newest Vivaldi browser I got the idea of what is still missing (of course it is only my opinion). I think that many of us, old opera users, like or liked the add-ons which made browsing much more comfortable - opera had them a lot, e.g. AD Blocker, Ghostery, WOT... I do not know how difficult it is to implement such a function, but surely it would be welcomed by all users. Another thing is browsing in the private mode, when no history or links are saved in the session. At the moment I do not find this option in Vivaldi. And of course, which was already mentioned on the forum (as far as I looked through threads) the option of tab cloning with their whole history. In my opinion, this is one, if not the most important feature of a browser. I hope I have not rediscovered the wheel, but gave some good suggestions. On my part, if I could help in any way with the Vivaldi development , either as a tester or a coder (I can program in python and C and know a bit html), I'd be happy to do it. All the best, Slawomir


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