Any idea how to fix broken remote sessions sync? (or reset Sync client ID?)

  • [Remote sessions sync works as intended in different group of my machines.]

    What (unusual?) I did

    I copy-pasted the whole profile between computers few months ago...
    After that (and several Vivaldi updates throughout few months) I just enabled Sync on both machines.


    Sync works fine... except remote sessions.
    There are entries in vivaldi://sync-internals showing that some data about sessions is being sent / retrieved... but there is no visible "cloud button"

    I am looking for some real solution (without cleaning profile / wiping data / reinstallation)

    Where should I look for any clues about what is going on?...
    [Yes, I tried signing out and in and cleaning data on sync server.]


    • Machine 1:
      • Win 7 x86
      • Vivaldi 2.1.1332.4 (Snapshot) x86
    • Machine 2
      • Win 10 x64
      • Vivaldi 2.1.1328.4 (Snapshot) x64

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    @rotfl I guess copying the entire profile identifies the sessions on the second machine as belonging to the first machine also. I don't know which file would be relevant, or I would recommend you delete just that file.

    The only way I can think of to get a proper sync cycle working would be to refresh your profile on the second machine. Realize you would lose no data that way, but of course it does involve several minutes of shuffling files around.

  • Ok... changing question a bit...

    Does anyone know which file contains client identifier used in Sync?

    I'm talking about this one which causes that local session is not listed in Sync Node Browser

    How to reset it without touching rest of profile?

    @julien_picalausa ?

  • How it looks in Vivaldi 2.4.1483.4


    • Machine 1: Win7 x86 / Vivaldi x86
    • Machine 2: Win10 1803 x64 / Vivaldi x64

    Settings / Remote tabs menu

    0_1552597780830_2019-03-14 21.56.35 vivaldi 97f966a4481f.png

    Cloud icon is shown but in disabled state

    Sync node browser

    0_1552597879884_2019-03-14 21.59.42 sync-internals 7210b9d36682.png

    On every of the machine Sessions node shows only local tabs

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    Open the Preferences file in one of your instances.

    Look for cache_guid and session_sync_guid and change a letter in this GUID (don't change the two equal signs at the end)

    Restart and you'll have two sessions in the cloud.

  • @An_dz BINGO!!!
    This is exactly the answer I was looking for!

    I tried to change only session_sync_guid before.
    I had no idea that cache_guid could have something to do with Sync...

    Anyway - I think that more people are unaware that copying whole profile 1:1 could break something.
    There should be warning somewhere (or at least V-team should publish official info how to fix this)

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    This post is deleted!

  • Vivaldi Team

    @ROTFL Hey. Thank you and @An_dz for actually figuring this out. This issue had completely slipped my mind. I agree that we should probably warn people of this shortcoming. Will see what can be done on that front.

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    This post is deleted!

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