What is stopping you from using V all the time?

  • @hazarada:

    Scrolling. Its so sluggish and just meh, if it wasn't for that I'd be using vivaldi full time already.

    What OS/system are you on?
    Is it mouse scrolling that's slow? ↑/↓/PgUp/pgDn keys? Both?

  • V is getting better all the time. Having said that, for me it's not any one huge thing that bothers me; instead it's a few small things here and there that I'm missing:


    • 1. I've recently become very fond of keyboard-based browsers, and Vivaldi's feature set is somewhat incomplete here. There's a few missing items (like return to home page), and some that don't seem to work quite as advertised (like close all other tabs)
    • 2. I use a custom stylesheet for all my web browsing; it converts everything to my favorite font(s) and even does a little ad-blocking. Problem is, I have to reselect this stylesheet every single time I open the browser (and sometimes when I open a new tab). Being able to choose a persistent stylesheet would be nice here.
    • 3. Can we open new tabs in background yet?
    • 4. I'd love the ability to open external scripts, but this isn't such a big deal for now (there are extensions which can do that).
    • 5. Also not super-important but, in Opera 12.x, I absolutely loved how the use of .ini files made everything about the browser so easily accessible and customizable. My eyes just glaze over when I open up bundle.js

    None of these by themselves are deal-breakers for me but, if all of them were in Vivaldi, I wouldn't even need another browser.

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    bundle.js is the source of the UI and not a mere config file as an .ini, it's not meant to be edited. You can only compare an .ini with a .json.

  • Okay, I can live with that. At least it points me in the right direction for when I want to tweak the innards (and, eventually, I will…)


  • @djerney47:



  • (Vivaldi

    • Videos, specially on facebook, are freezing a lot. On Youtube, full screen command takes 4 lazy steps to fill the screen, which has nothing to do with my Extensions. On Facebook YouTube in full screen would play hidden. I must hit Esc to retake control.
    • Typing is slow.
    • Right button "Search With" wasn't implemented yet.

    I'm still stuck with Opera 12 and 30. I intend to use only V as soon as those issues are fixed and Sessions is implemented 😉

  • @Isildur:


    It's coming in the next version, I swear 😃

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    Automatically correcting the accidental use of Caps Lock is available in some word-processors, so perhaps it's not such a crazy idea after all.

    Often suggested on the old Opera forums was a language sensitive spell-check. There are many users for whom English is a second language, and who may need some help with checking English, but who more often than not write in their mother-tongue, e.g. Russian, Norwegian, or Polish.

    Bing translate, for example, is able to autodetect the language so why not Vivaldi's spell-checker too?

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    If there was a shortcut to cycle among the spell-checker languages I would already be really happy. Just like Windows 8 & 10 has with Win+Space.

  • For me it would be a lack of click-on-tab-to-minimize, or indeed a lack of ability to minimize tabs in any way. I realise this is a basic WebKit problem and maybe hard to work around, but I think I could ditch old O12 for another browser if only this feature worked (afaik no other browser does this right). No minimization makes things plain unusable (at least for my conservative tastes).

  • Well, it's a really fine browser with a lot of potential. But there's stil some work to do.

    For me I'm not using Vivaldi as my default browser because there are some issues to solve with the Origin plugin from EA Games. I'm not an EA fan but I like to play some Battlefield 4 and therefor I need a browser that supports the particular plugin. I've tried some things but for me it wasn't worth the effort, I couldn't get it to work.

    For the time being I'm still using Opera 29 (the latest) but I miss some of the options and features Opera 12 (RIP) had built within. In Opera 29 the plugin works fine, also runs fine in Firefox and Chrome. Somehow I avoid using Internet Explorer like a disease, don't like IE and never had so I cannot tell you if the EA Origin plugin runs on IE. I've tried some other browsers too (Maxthon, Avant, Pale Moon, etc.) but they couldn't do exactly what I wanted to do.

    But overall Vivaldi is very promising to me, I like to use it for some layback browsing and doing some research stuff. Most of all, and that's what I miss most on Opera nowadays, is the Tab-Stacking feature. For me the most important feature of Vivaldi, none of the others have that, maybe with a third-party plugin or something like that. So please keep the Stacking feature standard in Vivaldi, it's a really great thing to have and organise all those open tabs..!

    Looking forward to see what Vivaldi brings in the near future… Cheerz..! :woohoo:

  • I don't know what you mean with 'proper' tab stacking but it works fine for me in Vivaldi. Oh wait, I'll put a screenshot over here…

    It's even so I can see how much tabs are in the stack, something I couldn't see without hovering over the stack in Opera 12.17. But like I said before, there's still some work to do for the Vivaldi ppls who are doing a great job so far.

  • i can't select multiple bookmarks and move them around (for example select several and move the to new folder)
    also i can't organize bookmarks in alphabetical order

  • Here's my 2 cents.

    (1) Detail progression (status) messages is definitely a matter because V, without the page-
    loading messages, looks pretty slow compared to Seamonkey (which I'm using.) In fact V's speed
    isn't that great.

    (2) Another thing killing my desire to use V is that I can't disable the crappy font smoothing at all!
    And I definitely ain't the only one who complain that. It looks just plain ugly with Opera and V,
    but the other, ALL other, browsers never looks so ugly. This is why my disappointment keep stacking up
    every time I try every new Opera/Vivaldi but the ugly font-smoothing drama isn't over and
    I can simply do nothing with it.
    Just how many shoutouts do you think is needed to seriously consider addressing this properly?

    (3) The memory usage (threads) gets skied up when I open a tab, it will become quite formidable
    with my browsing habit (I have 145 tabs in my Seamonkey session list, though not all of the tabs are
    being loaded and active.)

  • There are many reasons that I don't use Vivaldi full-time, and it's probably too early to ask this. A version 1.x browser can't possibly think of replacing a version 12.x browser for all people.

    To me, it's mostly the lack of pre-made skins (maybe I just didn't find them yet) or a skin editor. Maybe I'll try making my own later, but right now I don't want to stare at a bunch of CSS.

    There are other UI-related issues too, most of which I have detailed in the wishlist.

    I also can't modify and apply page sources, which I liked in Opera. Great for fixing broken web forms. Yeah, I can use the property inspector, but I'm used to editing them right in the View Source page.

  • @RRR13:

    The indicator for the number of tabs in a stack is only useful when having a small number of tabs in that stack. If you have 10+ stacked tabs it's unreasonably hard to figure out exactly how many tabs are in the stack. But that's just an extra feature, not something I can't do without.

    I thought I made it clear enough when I said proper stacking, like Opera 12.17 has. How was that not clear enough for you?
    Proper stacking includes the ability to expand the stack, collapse the stack, drag a tab into the stack, drag a tab out of the stack.

    Don't get me wrong, Vivaldi has some cool tricks for tab stacking, but it's not proper tab stacking yet and what it has doesn't seem to head the right way to evolve into proper tab stacking.

    Totally agree

  • Poor tab management - Vivaldi wants to offer many more Tab options. But in doing so they are messing up the normal Tab functions that we're used to in every other browser. And the new features are far from intuitive. Tab stacking is a mess. New tabs take focus. Features like dragging tabs out, which I love in Chrome, haven't been implemented.

    Bookmark management - There is no undo on delete. I've lost many shortcuts on the speed dial just because of a misplaced click. And there's no easy way of getting them back. And bookmark features just need a lot more work and polish.

    Hidden features - Vivaldi can do amazing things. It's crammed full of features. But they're rarely explained, and unless you're an Opera veteran you'll probably never know they exist. I want to use Vivaldi at its best, and I simply don't know how.

    Performance - Vivaldi is slow. I know why - it's because the team are adding the features we want and worrying about optimization later. It's great! We get a rapid feature set and we get to say what we like and don't. But the performance issues mean it's just not ready for the big switch.

    Remember, this is why Vivaldi is not yet my main browser. There's still a bunch of content that the Vivaldi team want to add before they're going to be ready to optimize. And I wait eagerly for that day.

  • I too hope that the Look&Feel of tab stacking will significantly improve. The way it was handled by O12 was perfect in my opinion.

  • I thought I made it clear enough when I said proper stacking, like Opera 12.17 has. How was that not clear enough for you?
    Proper stacking includes the ability to expand the stack, collapse the stack, drag a tab into the stack, drag a tab out of the stack.

    Ah, alright. Now I know what you mean by that. You're absolutely right with that. Although the drag 'n drop in an existing stack works fine there are a lot of features we miss compared to Opera 12.xx and even some other browsers.

    But I also said there's still a lot to do with the tab stacking in particular and the total V browser overall. I'm patient enough (well I try to) to wait until there's a awesome and non-beta release. I'll just do with what I get from Vivaldi and if there's a really need for the other not yet implemented features I'll just have to fall back to Opera 12.

    The only thing I'm wondering about. Are all of the features even possible in Vivaldi while it's a complete other engine than the one in Opera12..? It seems to me that they (the V devvers) sometimes have to invent the wheel all over again when implementing those features on Vivaldi.


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