What is stopping you from using V all the time?

  • @BoneTone It could. And I used this approach back in Opera …12 times.

    But that just works for me alone. and it isn't a general solution that is easily usable by people round the world. (The wheel would have to be invented over and over again, so to speak.)

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    @BoneTone This is what I was talking about. If you could use another parameter along with %S (search query) it would serve as a modifier, which would extend the search feature's functionality. I see a wide variety of use cases for this, not only a different language, but you can use this to search - for example - for some products that have a specific parameter, like eg. eb backpack 100 which you could set up to return you the results for backpacks under $100 on eBay, and so on...

  • Is it not your arm that gets tired from pushing a mouse around?
    I once got a repetitive strain injury in my shoulder from pushing a mouse around. I first got a touchpad and then later a trackball. Those solved the problem.

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