What is stopping you from using V all the time?

  • @Pesala
    It's more or less what I was thinking about. There will for sure be some broken links, some are older than the early 2000ies, it will reduce the number a bit.
    Four years! Whaaa... I hope it won't take that long 😉 Anyway I started to re-arrange the bookmarks/folders. Not the same conditions but Opera bookmarks management (under win7) looks faster than Vivaldi one (under linux mint).
    Thanks for the link about the width of bookmark menu. Choosing short names would help already.
    Many requests. It's likely a good sign, people do care about the browser they are using. Not so much developers, maybe easier to communicate and more flexible.

    • Android version

    • Android version

    • and...

    • Android version 🙂


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