Is There A "Young Adult" Demographic On Vivaldi?

  • So do you actually help out with the software on Vivaldi or do you only know more about My Opera and its history? Earlier this morning, I posted a Blogster entry. I informed my Xangan and Blogsterian friends and subscribers, that I intend to spend more time on here and the other sites I've joined. You have no idea how draining it is to deal with issues offline. Then, sign online to a weblog community, with people who have so much baggage.

    On some Blogsterians' pages, visitors are met with some people's rules and regulations before someone befriends them. It's like why the hell do I need to know what political party you belong to or the sob story of your life? They have no idea that they ruin the chances of meeting people, who share some similar interests with them.

    Here's my latest Blogster entry:

  • Nnnnggg, well no, I don't "help out with the software on Vivaldi" anymore than say … you and everyone else on Vivaldi who by default are participating on some level in the Beta Testing process and reporting whatever problems we find ... whatever bugs us.

    So in this particular case, like I said, I was experiencing several functions suddenly not working ... when they used to work before. I reported this to Tatsuki and he relayed my problem to the Devs. They looked into it, but for those couple of weeks, nothing was standing out as the smoking gun culprit responsible for my problems.

    To try and zero in on the problem, Tatsuki was asking me to try several things on my end in a step by step process. And finally his suggestion to try Firefox shed some light on the problem and broke the mystery wide open.

    Well, I mean, they still have to look into what exactly within Opera 11.52 is not getting along with Vivaldi ... but, at least it was now proven that something within Opera 11.52 was causing the failure of several Vivaldi functions on my end.

  • Oh okay.

  • @Suntana:

    Opera 11.52

    Just out of curiosity: Was there a special reason why you preferred 11.52 over 11.64?

  • Ahhh, excellent question, QuHno. You have an eagle eye to have spotted that peculiarity. While it's not a huge reason, there IS a reason nevertheless.

    For some reason, when I go to delete the Private Data on my Opera 11.64, I get a message that that operation could not be completed because xpcom.dll could not be found. And that reinstalling it might help.

    I CAN clear the Disk Cache on it though.
    And of course, I can also clear the whole shebang with CCleaner and Glary Utilities.

    With Opera 11.52 I don't get that problem / bug.

    I don't know why that xpcom.dll would be missing. I have SP2 installed in my Windows Vista. My theory is that maybe that xpcom.dll is a file that would be loaded IF I had IE9 installed. I only have IE7 installed.

    I know what your next question will be. WHY would the IE version matter in this scenario when I am using Opera? Right? Well, it's that my ISP is my AOL Dial Up, which works with IE in the background.

  • Oh, I just remembered another reason as to why I got in the practice of using Opera 11.52 over Opera 11.64.

    Back in my Blog designing heyday on MyOpera, I just seemed to experience more problems / errors with Opera 11.64 when trying to save CSS Code. Sometimes I would have to be there repeatedly trying to save some Code before it would finally take. I seemed to have an easier time with Opera 11.52.

    At one point, Robert Jacobson from MyOpera was looking into the problem. But, whatever tests he ran never yielded any clue as to why I experienced more problems with Opera 11.64 when trying to save CSS Code.

    So, we just dropped it and I therefore just got into the practice of using Opera 11.52 more often.

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