Is There A "Young Adult" Demographic On Vivaldi?

  • When I ask this, I mean adults 18 to 30-something years old. I'm trying to generate more traffic to my website, It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns. I blog regularly, post music and animation shorts from YouTube in my blogs, and I'm a writer. If you want to learn more about my website, please feel free to click this link below: [img][/img] Thanks! I will respond to you as soon as possible! 🙂 ~ RealistMe

  • It would be hard for me, a professional writer and blogger, to believe a bunch of techies such as have designed and executed Vivaldi have no demographics for the age group you mentioned, but whether they will share that information freely is something I am watching closely.

    Like you, I would be very interested in softly and appropriately attracting readers to my sites from Vivaldi, but at the same time I have observed a strong undercurrent of fear and loathing for the fate that befell Opera with too much 'spamming' as it has been labeled. The line between commercialism and spam has not been defined on Vivaldi, at least as I have discerned it. Maybe there is no need. But I am treading carefully to avoid spam at all costs as I watch this newborn Vivaldi-thing crawl out of its crib.

  • Oh okay. I don't know all of My Opera's history. Therefore, I can't comment on the issue. I recently joined earlier this month in search of a new weblog community, that could possibly generate more traffic to my website.

  • There is a young adult demographic here, but I don't think it really wants stuff which is posted with the sole intention to [cough] direct traffic to your website

  • Thanks for the response!

  • Anna … Llamagirl has a point. If Vivaldi is just a middleman so to speak to direct traffic to your website, then the results of that plan are likely to be sporadic if not outright not favorable.

    An option would be ... what if you concentrated on just making an awesome, entertaining Blog HERE on Vivaldi? There'd be no middleman to worry about. Your time would be more efficiently utilized because it wouldn't be divided between what to post here ... and what to post at your website.

    And your Followers would only have to concentrate on ONE place where they knew they could find you to see what was the latest stuff you had to say. You'd be more likely to have more faithful Followers that way.

    For example: I had some friends on MyOpera who had 3 or more Blogs. They'd comment on my not visiting their other Blogs. I'd tell them straight up, "I have Dial Up Internet. I don't have the time or the Internet connection to be able to follow you on more than one Blog. You tell me which is your MAIN Blog and I'll follow you there faithfully."

  • IMO, Anna … IF and once Vivaldi irons out the bugs out of this site AND hopefully gives us CSS customizing capability, there's no reason why you couldn't make your Blog here the awesome, successful place that you hope for your website. And of course, decorated to your taste ... IF we get that capability not too far from now.

    There were plenty of successful Blogs on MyOpera. I had a nice good run with my Blog there. So I know it CAN be done. So, you should be able to achieve it here on Vivaldi as well.

    Oh, another factor, which you have to take into consideration right now is that ... right now pretty much everyone is busy concentrating on MOVING IN into Vivaldi. There's not likely to be as much time right now for everyone to be actively reading everyone else's posts. So, right now discovering and commenting on new Blogs is less likely to be taking place vs. say ... on an established MyOpera or Blogster where you were.

    Well, JMO, Anna. This and a dollar will buy you a McDonald's Apple Pie. LOL

  • Suntana, thank you for your input! Some of what you said I already took into consideration, earlier this month. I know most of you are highly focused on transferring from My Opera to Vivaldi. Therefore, it will already take some time. I was on My Opera for a second last summer. One complaint I had was that I had to physically download My Opera's themes into my computer. The more downloading, the less memory people will have in their computers. The other problem I had with My Opera was trying to find the right timezone. This was all during the time Xanga 1.0 was in the middle of shutting down and relaunching it into a new brand. I'm no stranger to rushing against time to find the right weblog community.

    I really miss the original Xanga. I had 50 subscribers within the first 1/2 year of being on the site. I'm NOWHERE near that amount on Blogster. Blogster has some nice people on it. However, most love flocking to political and religious drama, if not drama in general. Then, there are those who are jealous, coy, rude, nitpicky, narrow-minded, fear change, and will blow off people and things before giving them chances. In fact, there was 1 Blogsterian, who had the audacity to tell me, that she didn't want to give me a chance because I was "too new to Blogster." I've also read some Blogsterians' profiles, that are downright rude and dismissive.

    Anyway, what do you think I should do? Should I copy my entries from my website onto other sites, in order to get more responses? Hopefully, things will pick up in general on Vivaldi. Meawhile, it will take more time for everybody to transfer here from My Opera.

  • Let's see … Subscribers ... and Friends Lists while we're at it. POVs, strategies and preferences will vary between people when it comes to those topics.

    In my case, while I don't know how many Subscribers my MyOpera Blog has, I doubt it's close to 50. And when it came to my Friends List, I purposely by choice kept it very small. I always kept it at no more than the 20s.

    Despite my Blog not having tons of Subscribers as far as I knew ... it nevertheless had plenty of traffic and comments. The secret? I guess you could say I had the good fortune of having had a small, but solid, loyal, faithful core group of Readers / Followers ... who love to chat, razz and have fun as much as I do.

    The way I see it, as per my experience, it's better to have a small core group like that than to have a large group of supposed Followers who might loosely convey that they like and read ones Blog, but who don't actually participate in the active back & forth banter / Commentpalooza Fest.

    Of course, one mustn't forget the other side of the coin. In order for that small core group of solid, loyal, faithful Readers / Followers to be and remain as such, it goes without saying that one has to reciprocate. One has to likewise be a solid, loyal, faithful Reader / Follower / Supporter of their Blogs. It has to be a TWO-Way Street. It's only fair and makes sense. It's worked for me.

  • By maintaining a very small core group of friends on ones Friends List, it makes it much easier to maintain that TWO-Way Street. There are good and bad people on every Online Community. We just have to be careful and very selective on which Friend Requests we approve.

  • As to whether you should copy your website entries onto other sites / other Blogging Communities, Anna? Nnnnggg, I'm not sure what to advise you there.

    You see … the reason I was suggesting that you concentrate your efforts on your Vivaldi Blog is because here, there is the built-in COMMUNITY. Your website on the other hand, is on an island so to speak. It's almost virtually impossible to happen upon it by serendipity because it's not part of a community. Your Blog here on Vivaldi stands a much better chance of getting exposure by default because of the built-in audience. Every time you'd publish new posts, they'd get a little bit of promotion on the Vivaldi Front Page. And you also get exposure on the Community Page.

    Yeah, unfortunately right now, while a lot of people are joining Vivaldi, they're being very cautious to commit, to put all their eggs in one basket. They're opening up Blogs, but they're NOT being active. It's that they're waiting to see if the progress of fixing bugs and incorporating features is gonna pick up.

    For example ... out of the 15 people on my Friends List, really only ONE is active. Yikes! Not good. IF and once there is a sign of progress on the fixing of bugs and incorporating features ... THEN those people will feel more comfortable about committing to Vivaldi and then they'll start being active here.

  • Anna, I've been confused ever since you had mentioned on your Blog or on your website that bit about you having to physically having to download MyOpera themes into your computer. Are you referring to your Blog Design? Because the images for our Blog Designs there were stored either in our MyOpera Files on MyOpera Servers, Photo Albums or at other image hosting sites.

    Or are you referring to that when you visited other Blogs, you had to load them onto your computer? That's where you confuse me. Cuz really, ANY website that we view, HAS to be loaded. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to see it. It doesn't matter whether it's a MyOpera Blog, a BlogSpot Blog, a Blogster Blog, MajorGeeks, FileHippo or whatever … the site's content WILL have to be loaded. I see it right there on my Opera Browser Extended Progress Bar with any and ALL websites / Blogs that I bring up.

    The "less memory people will have in their computers" problem to which you are referring can be neutralized by periodically emptying out your Browser Cache. I do that periodically when I start sensing my Opera Browser getting sluggish.

    Which Browser do you use, Anna? Cuz like with my Opera Browser, I just clear out the Private Data ... and empty out the Browser Cache. And I'm back in business. If you use Firefox or Chrome, those too have equivalents for you to clear out and be back in business and not have to worry about your computer's Hard Drive filling up with Blogs' content.

    Trust me. I used to have an old HP Pavilion computer with a Hard Drive that had only 10 Gig. While I came pretty close to filling that up with other stuff ... it wasn't due to my roaming around MyOpera. That would get cleared out periodically.

  • I currently use Mozilla as my browser. I want to have a complete background wallpaper/skin on my blogging page similar to Classic MySpace and Xanga 1.0. I don't want a completely naked and boring page like I'm on facebook. A timeline cover photo is unsatisfying. LOL! In a nutshell, I want more from Vivaldi than what Blogster has to really offer. This would be less political and religious drama, less rude, dismissive, cliquey, and coyness, and more social diversity, subscribers, wallpaper/skin/theme choices for my blog page, etc.

    I want to slowly ween myself off Blogster. That site makes me feel as miserable as being on facebook. Drama is inevitable but it can be better contained on Vivaldi. There's too much negativity on Blogster. Anytime my friends/subscribers must motivate themselves to post on that site without completely quitting, you know it's bad. LOL!

  • I never use Mozilla Firefox unless I need it to troubleshoot whether a problem I'm experiencing is related to my Opera Browser. So, I'm not knowledgeable with it by any means.

    But, I went right now and did a quick look around and here is what I found to clear out stuff that will accumulate as you roam around on the Net.

    In the Mozilla Firefox Start Page:
    Click on the Gear (Settings) icon at the bottom of the page.
    Select the Privacy Tab.
    Click on the "clear your history" link there in the middle of the Window.
    In the Clear Recent History Window:
    Click on the Down Arrow of the "Time range to clear" Prompt.
    Select whichever of those 5 options you wish.
    Click on the Clear Now Button.


    Now select the Advanced Tab.
    Select the Network Tab.
    Click on the Clear Now Button in the "Cached Web Content" category.

    If you perform those steps periodically, it should keep stuff from accumulating in your computer as you roam around on the Net, Anna.

  • I totally agree with you regarding not wanting a boring page, Anna. I've certainly had a variety of very detailed Blog Designs on MyOpera and made many for friends there as well over the years. So I most definitely want and am expecting that we WILL get a very similar CSS Code customizing capability here on Vivaldi. If it becomes apparent that that's not going to happen, I'm not going to stay here. And I'm sure many others won't either. Vanilla White is great for Ice Cream, but for an entire Blogging Community to have that same LOOK … not good.

    It would be like everyone in the entire community has the same personality and that's just not the case. The current LOOK is too much like being on a Message Board instead of it being a Blogging Community.

  • @Suntana:

    Vanilla White is great for Ice Cream, but for an entire Blogging Community to have that same LOOK … not good.

    It would be like everyone in the entire community has the same personality and that's just not the case.

    While I can live with with it, I would still like to change the appearance to something similar to my old my.opera blog


    (no images were harmed for the background etc - pure CSS) because even design can be a message, in my case: "You will find mostly technical stuff here"

  • Of course, a Gumdrops & Unicorns Blog Design for Anna … and my MyOpera Blog Design would be just a little bit tougher to create using pure CSS Code. :lol: With my Blog Design, definitely some images would have to be taken out to the woodshed and smacked around. 😛

    I'd even settle for the capability that we have at BlogSpot. It doesn't give us quite as full control as what we enjoyed on MyOpera, but it is very adequate. It allowed me to recreate a nice enough, cool enough, satisfactory version of what I have on MyOpera.

  • I really do appreciate all the input you have given me. You have been a great help! 🙂 When I was on Xanga 1.0 last year, almost no one had the exact same themes I used on my page. Some of them were glitter animated. On Blogster, almost everybody uses the same themes, that I have already used. They're very limited. Although, the positive side about using Blogster's themes is that I can click on whatever theme I want, and it's already uploaded to my page. It doesn't require any brain surgery to apply the themes. LOL!

  • Ahhh, then what a friend of mine told me the other day regarding Blogster must be true. I asked her if she knew anything about Blogster. It turned out she actually had a Blogster Blog she didn't even remember she had. So, she goes, "Let me go check because I can't even remember why I left it."

    Her memory was quickly jarred. She said she left Blogster because you can't use CSS Code to customize the Blogs there. And that you can't use HTML Code in the posts. So yeah, that's definitely a deal breaker right there between those 2 issues. Looks like Blogster won't be a Plan B if Vivaldi doesn't work out.

  • Anyway, Anna, glad to hear that you found something of some use in my novels … I mean, my comments.

    I actually wound up using Firefox today for some troubleshooting. For a couple of weeks now, my PM / Messaging function has been broken. Plus, some other functions were also down.

    In working with Tatsuki, he finally suggested I try Firefox or Chrome to see if it was possibly a Browser incompatibility problem. I tried Firefox and BAMM! All the functions worked fine. Then on a hunch, I switched from Opera 11.52 to Opera 11.64 and the functions worked fine with that as well.

    So, it turned out that there is obviously a compatibility issue with Opera 11.52. It doesn't play well with Vivaldi.

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