Browser minimized when I click on the Reduce window size icon on the top right

  • Hi, The browser is automatically minimized when I click on the Reduce size icon in the top right corner of its window. As a result I cannot see the browser size reduced - It's either minimized (cannot see it) or full size. How come? Cheers

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    No problem here using the 32-bit version of the latest build

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    I'm not having the problem with 32-bit on Win8 either. I was wondering if it might be showing "off screen" somehow, where the coordinates of the windowed/restored display are out of range for the screen matrix - which, if you changed your screen resolution it might cause it to appear to where you could at least drag it back into the viewable area. Otherwise, I would back up the profile, uninstall and reinstall it, and see if it didn't suddenly start working normally.

  • The problem for me is on Windows 7 64 bits.


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