Vivaldi blocking popups for our cloud based software despite pop-blocking disabled

  • ok, yes, I've turned of popup blocking, no it hasn't fixed it.

    We use a business management tool called Autotask ( and when I try to open a Livelink (basically a hyperlink with a customer ID embedded in it) a new Vivaldi window opens briefly, then closes and the proper window never opens. I have verified in other browsers that this works (IE (ewww) & Chrome).

    When you click the Livelink button it should eventually take you to[clientidhere] but that has never worked in Vivaldi.

    I see that it first opens a new window going to, then I suspect there's a redirect in there or another javascript command to open a new window (but I can't catch it because it disappears after about 1/4 second (by design)). The issue is that the target new window never opens.

    Edit: I changed Settings -> Appearance -> Open popups in tabs (check it on) and was able to see Vivaldi redirect to the proper page, then promptly close the page before it even started to render). I noticed after I clicked the Livelink option that I could see the URL blink by and was able to capture it in a screenshot.

    I've gone to vivaldi://settings/content/popups and allowed popups globally, added my site to the allow list, and clicked on the lock in the address bar and verified that popups are allowed in the site. There are no other add-ins/extensions and have been verified on a brand new clean computer/browser install.

    Is there any other protection in Vivaldi that can be removed? (I only use this browser for this one site since it tends to open about 20 windows/tabs).

    This behavior has been happening for months (I don't know that it's ever worked) Currently running 1.15.1147.64 (Stable channel) (64-bit) on Windows 10 Pro 1803 (but also seeing it on my Win 7 Pro SP1 machine).


    PS. I'm open to suggestions but I'm a 20 year network admin with light development experience - I've dug through everything I can find. If it's a simple setting in the menus I'll eat my hat!

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    @gorillad Are you running any extensions?

  • @ayespy Nope, vanilla Vivaldi. Tried it fresh after loading it on my freash new Win10 machine, no luck 😞

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    @gorillad It strikes me, then, that these are not just popups, but perhaps javascript windows or something. Do you have javascript enabled for the cloud-based site?

  • @ayespy Thanks for the reply(s). Yes, javascript is enabled. The really, really odd part is that I see a new window open, I see the URL for the site it should be going to, then the window is closed. In chrome I see the same steps except the new window is left open.

    Here's a screenshot of permissions for the site:
    0_1539315100384_permissions screenshot.png

    This appears to be the same as this user saw but he never found an answer:

  • Crazy!! last night after Vivaldi updated to 2.0.1309.37 - the problem fixed itself. Not sure what was changed but things appears to be working on this computer. I'm going to test a few more tomorrow to confirm that it's really fixed in the latest update!

  • I spoke too soon, it's still happening. It's kinda intermittent and seems to work if I have tab open, but if if that tab has gone to the background (since it opened yet another new tab).

    It also happens when I copy and paste in a URL that attempts to open a new "window" (redirected to tab) and close the existing one.

    Edit: After more digging I found it appears that Autotask is opening a new window, running a bunch of javascript which opens another new window, then closes the original window. That appears that Vivaldi has some sort of super javascript popup hell preventer. Normally this would be welcome to prevent popup hell however Autotask is a special popup hell that we need to work :-S

    I think I have isolated the page that's getting tripped up and can share it.

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