Huge UI

  • Everything is suddenly way too big: [img size=640][/img] How can I fix this? It looks like a bug. I'm using Linux Mint 17 64-bit with Cinnamon.

  • Version of Vivaldi?

    It shouldn't be possible in the latest snapshot ( ). prior to that there was a bug where that could happen. When you're on the Speed Dial page, what does the zoom slider indicate?

    The bug was as follows: Open Speed dial. Now hit Tab to move focus outside the address bar. In previous versions, the keyboard Zoom shortcuts should now move the slider (even though the mouse will not) though nothing seems to happen otherwise … until you open a new window or restart Vivaldi.

    The fix is the same as the bug - use keyboard shortcuts to reset the zoom to 100%, then restart Vivaldi. Hint: either 6 or Keypad-* should change the zoom to exactly 100% in one step.

  • Thanks for your help.

    Unfortunately I couldn't reset the zoom but I have fixed the problem deleting my profile.

    Thanks again.


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