Snapshot Startup settings and tab-switching performance

  • [b]Download ([/b] One of the popular requests we have focused a bit on in this build is Startup settings. You now have 3 options for startup: Continue from last time, start with Homepage and start with Speed Dial. More option will be added later in coming builds. Changelog: VB-4122 - Speed dial zoom stuck on 80% VB-5422 - Shortcuts activated in PDF VB-5300 - Editing notes crashes Vivaldi and leaves ghosts VB-4167 - Missing translation string for “Toggle panels” button at the side VB-2571 - Some context menu translations are missing in all languages VB-5582 - Rewrite tab-handling without backbone to make tab-switching faster VB-5113 - Download save as does not change download folder VB-5108 - “New tab” item in tab contextual menu doesn’t open new tab VB-5604 - Button for image options does not close after changing tab VB-5596 - Option button for images doesn’t have any tooltip VB-5546 - Log screen-resolution in user stats VB-5312 - Installer wants to convert a single user install into standalone VB-5262 - All user clean install does not open Vivaldi after install has finished. VB-5145 - Vivaldi icon goes completely black VB-4643 - Localized search


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