A light version in addition to the standard one

  • Like other browsers tend to do, please allow users to have a light version in addition to the standard mobile version.
    This in order for the users who have, for example, old mobile phones (like me 😳) or slow internet connexions to use their favorite browser on their phone as well.

  • I wish in Vivaldi this could be implemented so, that the bare browser without any extensions was lightning fast - like Brave on Android is now. This bare version would natively include all the tracking and ad blocking - once again following Brave's example. The bare version could be beefed up with extensions without browsing speed suffering too much.

  • To be honest, I've never tried Brave browser, but I tried FireFox Focus and that's my favourite light browser. Well, it was, before they added telemetry and I was forced to stay on old version to not always be cautious of they removing "enable telemetry" option as Mozilla tends to go that way... So I'm looking for other browser to take it's place for me. From it I want 4 features:

    • ad and tracking blocking(unlike in FFF with editable subscriptions list and maybe custom blocker akin to ABP extension where you can long tap on item and choose to block it);
    • customizable auto-complete list for address-bar stored fully on device, not looking up for it anywhere(it's helpful for few sites I often visit to auto-complete, no need to suggest sites I don't need for me);
    • ability to set any search engine you want and use it to search from address-bar(would be nice to have an icon by clicking on which engine icons appeared to quickly choose from them);
    • floating button to wipe session.
      What I didn't like is that it forgot what was on other opened tabs and reloaded them. I like "no history, no cache" way, but would like to have 'em still stored during current session.
      If it'll have such features I'm all for light version and would prefer it over any other feature-rich one with extensions, etc....

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    @Hirumo can u please tell the ffox version u r using ??

  • @Ornorm
    Problem is that its only a temporary solution as those users will eventually migrate to a newer phone. Its not as your old phone will last forever since batteries can only hold charges for around 500 cycles (full recharges) before they die and since most phones have sealed batteries, it means a new phone. Said this, it makes little sense to invest expensive developing resources on a solution for a user base that is shrinking (old phone users).

    I would prefer if the whole main Vivaldi browser is as light as possible so it runs equally well on any phone.


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