Doctor Who fans, what say you about the new one?

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    @Steffie Thanks for the heads ups. I'll give them a shot.

    As for the detailed recap offer... don't call me, I'll call you. 🙃
    But I'll send you a cardigan for Xmas if you like.

  • @LonM I've just watched the Ep now, if you'd like to "unredact".

    I'd not realised this was the last Ep for the season; somehow now the universe feels a smaller emptier place.

    They could have used a certain Art Garfunkel song as musical theme for parts of tonight's Ep... not that many bunnies were extant tonight 😉

  • @Steffie Will you get the Christmas Special "down under"?
    Might be a risk as OZ will be too warm for frozen things 😨

  • @TbGbe said in Doctor Who fans, what say you about the new one?:

    Christmas Special

    New Year's Day Special, this time, i believe.

  • New Years Doctor

    I wasn't getting my hopes up for a Dalek episode, but I actually enjoyed this. Having a Dalek take over a human body directly by (I'm guessing) the brain stem is a pretty horrifying idea. Being conscious, and not in control of your movements. That character's going to be scarred for life with PTSD for sure.
    Some nice funny-if-cheesy gags in here, like the UNIT funding cuts and having a conversation.
    Good stuff.

  • @LonM

    Funny-if-cheesy : A squid shaped vacuum hole?
    Really 🤣

  • Yeah well i had two reactions, both negative.

    1. I thought i'd read Chibnall assure the Whoniverse after taking the reins that under his reign [teehee, fun with homophones] it was to be all eyes forward, no rehashed monsters from the past. Ergo, last night i felt confused, betrayed & disappointed.
    2. I am now seriously worried that future babies she delivers might be severely compromised if her midwifery skills have been degraded by her recent severe psychological trauma. Think of the children!

  • @Steffie To be fair, it could be argued that the New Year's Special is a "one-off" and NOT really a part of the new Series.

    I just want to know what portable power source the baddie was using given what the weight of the casing must have been (movement/recovered weapon/flying)?

  • @TbGbe Along slightly similar lines i was pondering the amazing metallurgical, blacksmithing, electronic engineering, avionics, & armaments skills possessed by Her in rustling up those inbuilt tactical thermonuclear missiles we saw unveiled.

    Furthermore, upon further reflection i've decided that indeed her midwifery capabilities are now in fact likely enhanced not degraded by her recent experiences. For instance, those tentacles are bound to come in handy to reach in & turn those otherwise breech-birthed babies. Noice.

  • I'd hazard a guess that one of the things stolen from the offense "defense" contractor was probably a battery of some kind. It would have been nice to show it though, even if just for a fraction of a second. See


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