Vivaldi Becomes Unresponsive Periodically

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    I can be browsing along happily from page to page, tab to tab, etc. for hours and then if I switch to another program for a while and come back to Vivaldi I find it has become very sloooooow and almost won't work. I have to shut it down and restart to be able to use it. Memory use is very high when this happens. I cannot reproduce it yet. It seems random. Do others experience this? What is happening? (Edit: I am running too many tabs at once.)

  • I had a similar problem 😞 and just been frustrated with it. What I often get is several – often two or three -- tabs freezing. I could open others, but couldn't do anything with the tabs that had frozen. Could not close them down. The only solution would be to close the browser, and then open it again, which seems to help. Perhaps, it happens when I leave Vivaldi open for a while, and work on another program -- though I can't remember if that was always the case. Still, it seems to be :silly: a bug. I've rarely if ever had that with other browsers.

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    I should mention something else that may be relevant. Sometimes I will start Vivaldi and will not be able to click from tab to tab or do much at all. The browser is almost frozen but not quite. I have to close it, wait for all the processes to terminate, and then restart. Usually it works and I can use it until the browser locks up as in the first post. I am addicted to tabs and am trying hard to limit them; usually I have 45 or so open. So, this is not the greatest to do with a Blink browser but most of the time it works fine.

    I wonder why Vivaldi periodically doesn't start properly? When this happens memory use is very high.

  • In my case Vivaldi just disappears, but stays like process in task manager.
    Then i must end the process and restart Vivaldi.
    Several times per day.
    Also when watching video and click fullscreen, the fullscreen appears in separate window, which is kind of annoying. :silly:


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