Tab tooltip bug

  • Yo Dawg, I heard U liek tab tooltips, so I put tab tooltip in your tab tooltip so you can see thumbnail in your thumbnail. [img][/img] Also when will enabling tab tooltip stop disabling displaying full name of the tab?

  • When?

  • Regression already reported, hopefully will be fixed soon.

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    That actually is no regression. It's not an easy fix either unfortunately. It'll take some time.

  • @Christoph142:

    That actually is no regression.

    Maybe it's not technically a regression.

    But from user's POV it's behavior non present in earlier versions, personally I can't find a word better than regression to describe it.

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    Maybe you didn't see them, but they were always there.

  • I don't think so

    See for example this screenshot (posted by me, for a different purpose, some time ago)

    The website in the thumbnail is

    Try to open with the current Vivaldi snapshot and see how the preview looks.

    How do you define the comparison?

  • I found it happens when I move tabs while I have a preview showing, then the review of the tab I moved to contains the preview that was showing.
    I presume it takes a snapshot of the tab when you move to it (including the preview that's showing) and then uses it until the preview is next re-generated

  • It happens without moving tabs. And for background tabs for which thumbnails are not generated. This is another bug. Showing only left part of website in thumbnail needs correcting too.


    It's not an easy fix either unfortunately. It'll take some time.

    What are you referring to - thumbnails in thumbnails or not displaying full tabs name?

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    The thumbs in thumbs is not a persistent problem, it happens sometimes. And yes, they happen since the first TP.


    What are you reffering to - thumbnails in thumbnails or not displaying full tabs name?

    Thumbs in thumbs.

  • Not displaying full name of the tab also happen from the beginning.

    As for thumbs in thumbs - open two tabs with random sites and stack them. Then switch beetwen them clicking on the bars on top observing the thumbnails. I guarantee you will see thumbs in thumbs.

  • Just tested an older version.

    I got a single website with the off centered thumbnail. For the record a website that shows some rendering errors (I filed a bug some time ago about it.). Anything else is centered.

    On current snapshot I'm getting the bug on 90% of the websites, included.

    So I assume the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

    Problem is present since the beginning, AND there's a regression on the latest versions.

  • Other than offcenter thumbnails, the "recursive preview" is also pretty cool :cheer:

  • The truth is you can't read and all you care is your post count. You are not cool.

    Unfortunately changes to UI in latest snapshot hasn't solved old problems but broken a few things (like highlighting active tab in a stack).

  • There's no option to see full name of the tab with tab tooltip enabled.

    (this picture was paintoshopped and is artist's impression)

    Maybe make full name appear when moving cursor over the thumbnail?

  • @hondac:

    The truth is you can't read and all you care is your post count. You are not cool.

    What about saying "I was indeed talking about the nested thumbail, not about the off center position?"

    People aren't perfect, me included, and there isn't any need to reply in the impolite way you choose, especially to someone who tried to help you.

  • hondac - I don't know what your personal problem is and I really don't care. The purpose of the Vivaldi Forums is to share our collective problems, solutions (if we have them) and let the developers know of bugs and requests for future features.

    There is a more than enough negativity and name calling in the world today – especially in politics and the anonymity of the web. On the web, folks hide behind the lack of being face to face with another and engage in name calling and other trash talking that under other circumstances would get them butt whipped.

    The_Solutor has helped numberless people solve problems, brings his knowledge and experience on several different OSs, pointed out problems to the developers and has been a real asset to the different Vivaldi forums. He is a part of the solution and not the problem. He does not need to worry about his post count -- and to the best of my knowledge, he will not get any recompense based on how many times he puts something up on the forum.

    If you don't have something positive to say about a person, then please keep you comments to yourself. If you disagree with someone's opinion, then there are plenty ways to say it without a personal, snarky posting.

  • You hasn't helped me in anything, your first post was useless and wrong and you hasn't bothered to read replies.
    Everybody was talking about thumbs in thumbs but you still was posting your truths.

  • @litehorse3

    Thank you for your words 😉

  • ~
    If Vivaldi (and many other sites) would author their web pages to put the name of the forum and the site AFTER the name of the thread or individual page, it would be less necessary for us to even HAVE thumbnails and tooltips, which would improve browser performance if we could turn them off.

    Also, when I save bookmarks with those two fields placed first, I cannot tell afterwards what page is in each of my bookmarks either.

    They all just say VIVALDI….. (or whatever other sites' names which author that way).

    So I edit the bookmarks (at least I can do this myself, though it is extra work for me), so that I can immediately see what matters when looking at my bookmark titles - the name of the thread or the page.

    I can identify a site anyway, from the favicon of the tab or of the bookmark, so I really do not need the other two fields at all.

    How's THAT for a different perspective ? 😉


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