Keyboard shortcuts not working with extensions

  • I can't get the keyboard shortcuts to work with extensions. "Regular" shortcuts (i.e. those accesed via Vivaldi Settings) work OK, but when I try to assign a shortcut to an extension (via Extensions-->Keyboard Shortcuts) they just don't work.

    For example, I have cmd+shift+P assigned to the Pocket extension. When I press those keys nothing happens (I've tried with other combinations, and with other extensions). I have the feeling that I'm missing something probably obvious, but I don't know why... Any ideas? Thanks.

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    May be this issue is a bug in Vivaldi.
    Please read how to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • @gwen-dragon OK, I've reported it. Thanks.

  • I've never gotten it to work either. None of the extension hotkeys, no matter what I set them to. Pretty sure I reported it as a bug a while back as well.

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    Older bug is: VB-33522 "Keyboard shortcuts for extensions don't work "

  • I am also having this issue (super frustrating!). This is going to be a dealbreaker. I use my last pass keyboard shortcut probably 150 times a day. I hate to say it, but I guess I'm going back to Chrome until this is resolved. Hopefully it is a known issue and a fix is in the works! In which case, I'll be back when that fix is ready šŸ™‚

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  • Same issue here on Vivaldi 2.2 and MacOS Mojave. Extension shortcuts doesn't work. Have to switch back to Chrome until is fixed as this is very very annoying.
    Also the dark mode is not applied universally, for example when opening the Print menu all of a sudden The White Pixels are attacking you, especially at night.

  • As was stated in the Windows thread regarding this topic, this seems to be related to language.

    On mac I cannot change the language of Vivaldi, to test this, tough. I'd happily switch to English if this allows me to use extension shortcuts.

  • Same issue here
    Vivaldi version: 2.3.1440.60 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    OS: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS

  • @dakira Maybe on Windows that's the case but not on MacOS. At least not in mine, I'm using the latest Vivaldi in English on MacOS Mojave and the extension shortcuts don't work (and they never worked before either with any previous Vivaldi or MacOS version, and I've been always using the English version).

  • I use Linux (Solus 4.0 budgie) and Vivaldi 2.4.1488.36-67 and hotkeys are not working. This has worked before (don't remember which update made this fail).
    I use the Alt+Q extension for changing between the last two tabs in the browser and it's so frustrating that this has stopped worked

  • @Gwen-Dragon No news about Mac version problem? I would really regret to have to switch back to Opera Developer, which stopped for a while to nbe usable having lost the synchronisation.

  • Same issue here on macOS 10.14.4.
    This seems like a fairly serious bug and one that I don't imagine would be particularly difficult to fix, surprising it's been in effect for at least 8 months now.
    Back to chrome for now : /

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    Sorry for the trouble and thanks for reporting.
    @jrperez or any other person who reported it, would you share the VB-number of your report so I can follow it up internally please? šŸ™‚

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    @gaelle The bug that I'm following for this issue is VB-14668.

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    @supersaiyansubtlety This is actually a not-so-simple bug to fix. Keyboard handling in Vivaldi is a lot more complicated than it is in Chrome/Chromium. Vivaldi has its own customizable keyboard shortcuts. Extensions can have assigned shortcuts, and their background scripts can also listen for certain actions. Vivaldi also needs to process access key shortcuts for web sites in a way that coexists as harmoniously as possible with other keyboard shortcuts. There are lots of things going on in the background, on different code paths, and key actions have to be processed correctly for the scope and context. At a low level, keyboard processing is also different on Windows, Linux and Mac, and Chromium has its own internal quirks that vary by platform that also present additional challenges.

    This issue is actively being worked on and, bit by bit, the pieces are coming together to finally get extension keyboard shortcuts working in Vivaldi. (That's my understanding, from an outsider's perspective.) Hopefully, @gaelle can provide additional details as to where things currently stand.

  • @xyzzy I don't know if it helps but I'm having a similar issue however if I change from "In Vivaldi" to "Global" it seems to cause the shortcuts to work. Any idea why this is?

    EDIT: Or not? Doesn't seem consistent anymore.

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    @kizunal It's issues like this that a group of people internally are working on fixing. VB-14668 is the main bug for getting extension keyboard shortcuts working, and then there are a bunch of other bugs for specific/related issues that were either reported separately or identified in testing... e.g. cases when a background script is listening for certain key actions. The team needs to get all of these fixed, and verify that things are working correctly and consistently across all platforms.

  • @gaelle sorry for the late answer, the VB-number of my report is VB-44682.

    By the way, I received an email just some days ago informing me that with the new Vivaldi version the problem should be fixed. It's not. Just for info.

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