Question about Tab Cycling and the shortcuts

  • Hi, We all know we can assign shortcuts for tab cycling: -Next Tab (Recent) -Previous Tab (Recent) -Next Tab -Previous Tab But I'm wondering about the 'Tab cycling order' option: -Recently Used -Tab Order For what I can tell, [b]Next/Previous Tab (Recent)[/b] already does what [b]Recently Used[/b] does and [b]Next/Previous Tab[/b] does what [b]Tab order[/b] does. Isn't that redundant? Of course I tried both options. I think it [i]does[/i] something different (I still can't fully understand the switching order) but for the most part it's the same as the shortcuts. And also a little request from me 🙂 Like w/ O12 or Opium, please put in a 'Select previously active tab' shortcut for switching fast between [b]two(2) tabs[/b] since it doesn't make you let go of the cmd or ctrl key. I could always just use the shortcut [b]Next/Previous Tab (Recent)[/b] but I'd have to let go of cmd or ctrl for me to switch between 2 tabs only. The default shortcut is CTRL+1 so if I don't let go of CTRL then it'll just cycle through all recent tabs instead of 2. In short, I want to hold press the keys CMD or CTRL and just press on 1 and it's switching between just 2 tabs. You could say that I should just try to set just 1 character for the shortcut. I tried but the switching behavior is different for some reason (maybe something to do with the 'tab cycling order, i dunno'). 😉 Thanks.

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    Anyone? 😃

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    "Tab cycling order" setting applies to Ctrl+Tabbing.
    The other four shortcuts offer both options regardless of this default. There is some redundancy, yes. I'll forward it to devs.

  • Thanks 🙂


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