Tile Tabs by Selection

  • I know there already is a feature to tile selections. What I mean is automatically tile them when selecting multiple tabs.

    First off; I find the tab tiling with a selection of tabs not very intuitive at the moment. As you do not have a visual guide to how these are connected once you switch the active tab. (Tiling with tab stacks is perfect as it is)

    For all the functionality that a tab selection offers it would come in handy to see all the tabs. So if you close (/reload/clone/pin/move/etc..) two tabs for example, you would see which tabs are selected.

  • @alkalin0 How would this work?

    When users select multiple tabs they don't always want to tile them. They may want to:–

    1. Stack them
    2. Move them
    3. Close them to another window
    4. Pin them
    5. Bookmark them
    6. Reload them

    You can set easy to remember shortcuts for tab tiling in Settings, Keyboard, Tabs. This is the shortcuts that I use.

    0_1539882259246_Tiling Shortcuts.png

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