Lots of issues on Surface Pro!!

  • I am using Vivaldi for couple years on my laptop. however I bought recently a Surface Pro 4 and faced a lot of new issues with it (latest snapshot):

    • A lot of crashes when using the stylus, particularly when scrolling pages, especially if the page did not load fully yet, Vivaldi just crashed and closed without any message.

    • Also, sometimes I need to tap on buttons twice or even more times with the pen to register a button click, this relates to UI elements as well as buttons inside the web pages (tapping with finger touch is ok).

    • Using pen to scroll the page by its scrolling bars, makes the page jumping and jerking as if it losses information about current page position.

    • Trackpad gestures (of surface original keyboard) are not working, particularly two finger swipes to left or right supposedly should navigate me in tab page history, it works on MS Edge but not on Vivaldi.

    • When selecting text on the page somewhere, the popping up "smart buttons" (copy, paste ...etc) at a completely wrong place, somewhere far away from the selected text itself (usually at the top of the page).

    I hope you can resolve this issues, thx.

  • I use a Surface Pro, and have none of those issues. I wonder, if there's some issues with your graphics drivers perhaps? Only thing that was driving me crazy was the on screen keyboard always showing when I selected a text field, even with keyboard attached.

  • Bought a new Surface Pro 6. Vivaldi kinda unuseable on it with Pen or Touch. All UI Dialogs are not working (Download, Bookmark Dialog). If I click on the with Pen, it click the Page behind the Dialog, -> cant bookmark anything and cant download anything. Havent tried it with a mouse thou.

    Sadly gotta use Chrome on my Surface...

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    @vipyoshi May be this issue is a bug.
    Please read how to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

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