Vivaldi is crashing when watching video online

  • Hello everyone, I would like to ask whether someone experience this problem as well. I am very enthusiastic about Vivaldi, it seems like the browser of my dreams. Only problem, which is very annoying and so far prevents me to use this awesome browser more is that sometimes when I'm trying to watch some video online (either on YouTube or on any other video service), the Vivaldi browser crush. But it is not ordinary crush, only the browser window crushes but the browser is still running on the background. I can hear how the video is played, but I can't reach the browser anymore. To launch browser again, I need to go to Task Manager and manually kill all Vivaldi processes. Then I can open Vivaldi again. I have never experienced similar problem when using any other browser, even browsers using Google engine like Opera and Chrome. Only Vivaldi has this issue with video. I'm using the browser on Win 7 with latest updates and latest version of Flash Player, which can be also one possible cause of those problems. Has anyone else experienced this before? Thanks for your feedback

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    Known bug. Developers are working on it.

  • Thanks for that info Ayespy, I'm glad to know the issue is being looked into.


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