On the bookmark bar, reduce space between any two items to accommodate more items

  • I have more bookmarks than the bookmark bar can accommodate. Consequently there are two angle quotes at the right end.


    Notice that in front of the angle quotes there is a lengthy segment of empty space.

    Is it possible to fill that empty segment with one more item, by reducing the space between items, perhaps, or by other ways?

  • @drkh Add a folder for your Vivaldi related bookmarks.

  • @drkh Grouping same domain in a folder is a good start point.
    Then this should help to keep the buttons closer.
    .bookmark-bar button svg + span {margin-left: -5px;}
    (stable seems to use margin-right instead)

  • @pesala

    I do have folders on the bookmark bar. I add and delete some Vivaldi related bookmarks pretty often recently. So I don't create folders for them. Sort of lazy.

    Is the empty segment intended to be lengthy by design? If so, I may accept it.


    For the px value, I tried a few numbers like 10, 5, -1, -10, -15, but the bookmar bar is not affected.

  • @drkh tried with margin-right too? (on stable left does nothing - while on my snaps both are working)
    I guess the empty space is to avoid overlaps of icons and labels. A design thing.

  • @Hadden89

    margin-right does work on the stable 1.15.1147.64 I use. Thank you.


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