One bug and an inconvenience...

  • Hi,

    playing videos in Vivaldi is getting worse with each and every update... I'm watching Twitch a lot, which are MP4 live streams. And it always worked. Lately the video just hangs.

    For example: I have multiple Vivaldi windows open. I go to the other window and do something and there's a high chance the stream video hangs. Same goes for changing tabs. Even when opening an emote menu at the bottom of the Twitch page it might stop the video from playing. It's just the video. Audio continues to work.

    Also I get the dead bird a lot when watching the stream. You do something or the browser looses focus and the process dies. (But thank god we got Philips Hue support ... )

    And there's this inconvenience: The browser used to change it's theme colour to the one of the website. It felt like it was more integrating with the page. Since the update to 2.0 the browser just has its own theme colour and that's it. Can I reenable this feature?



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    @grimeton The update in the Chromium engine has created conflicts with some extensions and with individual machines and setups that cannot be predicted until they happen. A fresh profile may take care of your problems in this regard.

    As to theming, each theme has the ability to turn accent colors for tabs and/or the UI on and off. Just open Menu/themes and click the edit pencil for the them you are using, and you will see the boxes you can check to enable and disable these features for the individual theme.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the help with the themes. That fixed my problem.

    As for the video playing problem:

    I have only one extension installed which is Ublock origin. But I went through the hassle to recreate the profile and copy my stuff over. And guess what? Yeah, the problem is still there.

    I don't know how it all works under the hood, but I doubt it's an extension related problem when the video playback dies. Especially as it is only the picture that is not updated anymore and the sound continues to be played.

    I could suspect the NVidia drivers but I've updated them to the latest version and the behaviour didn't change. Also the problem is unique to Vivaldi. Other browsers (Firefox) or Edge based stuff like the Netflix App are working fine. Also when a plugin is used, like with Amazon's video service, then the problem doesn't happen at all.


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    @grimeton You may need to disable Hardware Acceleration or override the blacklist, one of the two.


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