Use OS's Dark Mode preference

  • Yes, Vivaldi can already have dark themes, but it still lacks true support for the built-in dark mode of macOS Mojave. This results in Vivaldi opening white windows system window, ignoring the user's OS appearance.
    Here is Vivaldi choosing a file to open:
    alt text
    And here is Safari doing the same action:
    alt text

  • Also Vivaldi could automatically switch to some dark theme when macOS theme is changed to dark theme. And vice versa when the light theme is applied to macOS. There could be setting for which dark theme is your preferred. Telegram IM has already implemented this behavior

  • I feel this request could be generalised to more systems than just MacOS.

    For example, on windows 10 the shell allows you to pick a dark or light mode for apps.

    Many linux desktops allow you to pick between dark and light modes.

    I think this would be best implemented as an alternative to scheduled themes (they would conflict otherwise)

  • @lonm I was not aware that other OSes had dark modes. However, I'd rather not have it as an alternative. Dark mode is something that is either always on or never; at least that is the case for macOS, unless you download a third-party app that does.

    Scheduled themes allow me to still have a light mode no matter the system preference, as Vivaldi's UI is separate from macOS's own UI (with the only exception being when opening a file or choosing a download location, which is what I was addressing on my original request).


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