Warmer Background Colors for Reader View

  • I would like to have warmer background colors in my reading mode because it will make easier my reading.

    #readingmode #background #colors #reading

  • @grommelvilla I found that I could do this by using the Current Theme Option for the Reader View. You might have to edit your theme to get what you desire, but it would help while we're waiting.

    0_1538672851020_Reader View.png

    Allow Any Theme to be Used in Reader View is a similar request.

  • Instead of having another mode with a warm dimmed paper like background for the reader, I'd like to have more settings inside the readerview. For example the backgroundcolor and a background texture. Also the Fontface should be ajustable to fit every users taste. In general you could take a shorcut here if you just assign a theme for your readerview witch is only active as long as the page is inside readerview.

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