A little trick for everyone experiencing the "UI crash"

  • Which bug, exactly? The one where the UI disappears but all the processes are still running in the background. Prerequisites: Windows 7 or newer and the ability to type on the keyboard. Step 1: Run PowerShell (either search for it in the Start menu/screen or type "powershell" in the Run command line) Step 2: Type: [code]Get-Process vivaldi | Stop-Process[/code] Done. You can now run Vivaldi from your favourite shortcut again. It is possible to create script that will allow to kill Vivaldi from a shortcut, but there's a bit of fiddling about with it, so I'll leave it out now.

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    Good idea if you're a keyboard fiend who always types error-free. It could save you a few seconds on restart.

    I, on the other hand, right-click the taskbar, open task manager, scroll down to the oldest Vivaldi process, kill it. All Vivaldi processes disappear, and I can restart.

    I am a touch typist who types text documents all day. I type a little better than 60 wpm. Atypical characters like | are not in my muscle memory, however, and I am not error free. Further, when I click on my start button and type "run" in the textbox, that takes more time than opening the task manager from the context menu on the taskbar.

    So - a solution for everyone (which hopefully will not be needed in the near future, as UI crashers are weeded out.)

  • Is not as simple matter as one can figure initially…
    I use

     taskkill /IM vivaldi.exe /F

    that does, more or less, the same thing, using cmd

    The problem is that Vivaldi, often remembers the killed process and in the next launch can start with more processes than it should.

    So is worth to delete the files current/last session and current/last tabs inside the user profile, before relaunch vivaldi after a forced exit

  • nice information
    thanks all

  • taskill -> taskkill =>```
    taskkill /IM vivaldi.exe /F

    Thanks for tips! :-)

  • @petr.zima:

    taskill -> taskkill =>


    I'm going to correct it.


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