Option to Show Webpage Icons in Tab-stack Previews

  • Tab stacks are very useful for organizing my work tabs, articles to read, etc.

    However, when looking at work tabs, it is hard to identify from the preview what is AWS, Github, Drone, etc. It would be much quicker if the webpage icon displayed in the tab bar was also displayed in the tab stack preview.

    Difficult to tell pages apart, have to scan all the tab descriptions to find the right page:


    But in the tab window they display the icons:

  • @gmoss In my case, since I tend to stack tabs by domain, that option would not help me at all.

    I agree that for your workflow the thumbnails are not helpful. You can disable the Popup Thumbnails in Settings, Tabs, but that only makes it harder for large tab stacks (OK for five or fewer).

    While you're waiting for this option, take a look at the Windows Panel. That is currently the best place to manage Tab Stacks.

    0_1538600036822_Windows Panel Tab Stack.png


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