Option to see the cached page contents when can't connect to a website

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    I was wondering if Vivaldi could optionally offer you the available cached content of a page you've recently seen when it's impossible to retrieve that page because of connection/site availability issues.

    This isn't exactly what 'offline mode' is, even if they somehow match... the point is that this should work even when the connection is on but the website isn't.

    Real case scenario: I've been reading about a restaurant on TripAdvisor. I thought I understood exactly where that place was but when I got there I couldn't find it, so I turned on my laptop to check the address again. I couldn't see the page content as I was disconnected from the Internet, but being that the last page I've visited before shutting down the PC in the morning I do believe its contents were still in cache - but I could just not see them.

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