Gmail Spell Check Issues

  • Anyone else having issues with spell check in Gmail? Vivaldi underline a word as misspelled, I right click, choose the right spelling, and Vivaldi doesn't update it. I can do this two or three times and nothing. However, if I click on the word, then right click and choose the right spelling, it usually works. It's like a focus bug but I'm not sure what it's focusing on.

    I've only seen this issue in Gmail.

    Running: 2.0.1309.29 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

  • Mine seems to behave this way in certain places as well. Not just Gmail. For example, where I work, we use ServiceNow as our ticketing system and I have to right-click and choose the correct word twice for each word I want to correct. This will happen to each word, even if the are multiple words in the same text box I'm typing my ticket updates into. Pretty frustrating. I've tested Vivaldi in our environment here prior to 2.0 and I don't recall having issue before. I'm looking to make the move permanently to Vivaldi, but this just might be a deal breaker for me.... Or maybe I just need to work on my typing accuracy?

    FWIW, the spellcheck corrections seem to work fine here in the Vivaldi forums. Just one right-click and correct to work and I DO see that on the sites where it's not working, the initial right-click on the work, it does not highlight, but when leaving the pop-up menu when choosing the correct word, and right-clicking again, the word highlights and the correction works.

  • ... To that end, on the affected sites/applications, I can also ignore the initial right-click context menu and right-click the misspelled word again and the word is highlighted and can be corrected. So, right-clicking the incorrect word twice allows it to be corrected from the menu.

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    @smample_work Yes. webpages which "steal" the right-click can be "cheated" by double-right-click.

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