Deleting Cached Images and Files

  • If you want to clear your history, you can go to the Speed Dial, and click on history. Then click on Clear Browsing data. You then get a choice of what items to clear. One of the items is Cached Images and Files. I think that's too general an item, and would prefer an update to Vivaldi that lets you delete cached images and files, but permits you to exempt the cached images that go into your speed dial/speed dials. Yes, I want to be able to clear cached images from my computer, but please, not those. :ohmy: And so I deleted them to test the feature, and ended up with my speed dials totally blank. It took me quite a while to restore what I had. Vivaldi is quite slow in accomplishing that, and for some websites, just can't seem to get the thumbnail for the speed dial. For most though, it is able to do it. I don't want to have to reconstruct the speed dial every time I want to clear cached images and files. I'm assuming Vivaldi is collecting cached images and files (onto the hard drive of my computer) for more than the speed dial, bur rather for every website you go to. Certainly, one would want to periodically clear that accumulation of data. I'm hesitant in the future to do it though, because I don't want the hassle with reconstructing my speed dial.

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    This was a feature of Olde Opera, too. If you cleared browser cache, ALL of your favicons and speed dial images were thrown out with the bath water as well. There does need to be a better way to do this.

  • Ok, well then . . . here's my thought about a work-around.

    Last night, I saved my profile with the cache deleted, and it was very small, maybe 55 megabytes. Then I restored all of the speed dial images (took maybe 1/2 hour), and saved the profile again (and it was 319 megabytes). I had to open a lot of sites, to get the thumbnails for the speed dial.

    So maybe, if I ever clear cache, I can use that profile to restore my speed dial images easily, by just copying a file from the saved profile. I'm thinking it's the Cache folder – 246 megabytes in my saved profile (pretty big, so that must be it). If it's that file, I could just clean cache at some point, and then substitute that file in the profile.

    GPU cache and Media cache are each only about 4 megabytes, so I'm thinking it must be something else. ChromeDWritefont cache is 12.6 megabytes. So I'm thinking the solution to the problem is to save save your profile (at a time when you haven't been browsing for weeks, so the Cache folder is still limited in size, but includes the Speed Dial stuff. Then when you clean cache, just substitute the cache file you have in your saved profile. That will take a minute or so to do, instead of trying to restore all of the thumbnails for your speed dials.


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