Rename "Accent color from Active page" to "Adaptive Tabs Color" and place it under Tabs settings

  • I don't know who had the idea to name it "Accent color from Active page" because it literally doesn't describe it well at all and why the hell do you need to create a Theme duplicate and adjust it there when it obviously belongs to Tabs section?

    This feature was super annoying so of course I wanted to disable it and after spending ages looking for it and even searching for it I couldn't find it thanks to silly name decision. Then I searched online and found a bunch of results pointing to wrong section of settings because they moved it in between. And then I finally found it in a spot where no one would ever look for it.

  • @rejzor It's better if you:

    • know what color is selected from the page (→ maybe can be named "Adaptive accent color")
    • can change this for every theme separated

  • @rejzor that would be wrong.
    The accent color defined by website content influences much more than only the (active) tab.
    It may be reflected in address bar or window background.

    Some color combinations do not work well with site-specific accents, so they have to be enabled/disabled with the respective theme.


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