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  • I have been very excited to see how Vivaldi has been growing since downloading the first iteration a while back. The webmail client is very good. Are there productivity enhancements coming? I would like to have a Vivaldi Calendar, Web Storage, and Productivity suite tie-in. I realize that not all of this can be programmed into the browser, especially all at once, but it would be good to put on the road map as some kind of solution. Keep up the good work, Vivaldi has become my browser of choice!

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    In a perfect world Vivaldi would sync contacts with GMail and have an onboard calendar that syncs with Google Calendar.

  • I not agree here.

    In a perfect world vivaldi sync contacts staying away from big brothers' services, using its own sync infrasrtucture or (even better) using someting based on a generic user's cloud folder, or a form of p2p sincronizzation.

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    This is only a valid position if there is a Vivaldi email client for mobile (or at the very least a Vivaldi contacts solution for mobile) - a likelihood which I consider vanishingly small. What is necessary is for all of my contacts in Vivaldi to be the same, at all times, as those on my other devices. Google has already worked out how to sync relevant fields with any/every mobile OS contact database, so unless/until Vivaldi wishes to re-invent the wheel (which olde Opera tried to do a number of times in various areas, with never-quite-good-enough results), I will, for the time being, accept any solution that syncs seamlessly, smoothly, flawlessly with all of my mobile devices.

  • I would amend your position to be: Vivaldi should be able to sync contacts, calendar etc. with a variety of web services such as gMail and Google calendar…

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