Two suggestions (re: downloading and adblocking) ...

  • Hi - tried Vivaldi 2.0. Works great. Kudos to Vivaldi. Two suggestions/ideas, though (and I would appreciate someone from Vivaldi responding here, too) ... one, for people who want to disable the panel entirely, can you add an option or feature to Vivaldi where downloads appear in a separate icon or whatever alongside the address bar/search bar (like how it works in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, et cetera)? Two, would Vivaldi be willing to add an integrated adblocker, like how Opera does with its own browser? That would be very convenient, and something that many people would appreciate. Thanks!

  • @omnimaxus Please vote for the existing feature requests

    If you add this link as a web panel you can easily search for other feature requests simply by changing the search string from "Download" to any other term. Enclose more than one word in quotes to search for a precise phrase.


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