History Back Command should Close Tab at Top of History

  • I'm very happy with the History Back gesture that allows super fast navigation and makes navigation similar to what you can do with a touch device (phone, tablet, PC) even if you don't have one and use a mouse.

    This feature enables a reading style where you can have quick peeks to linked pages with the ability to go back to the "main" page with a very short gesture of your hand...
    I'm so used and comfortable using this feature that I get stuck when I apply it to pages that have been opened as a separate tab.

    In that case, the gesture does nothing (because there's no history), while the wanted action could be to have the relevant tab closed so that the focus goes back to the original page from where the tab was opened.

    I don't see problems closing a tab, in case of mistakes users can re-open it from the trashcan.

    This feature should be optionally activated via checkbox in the Gesture preferences panel, like "History Back on last page closes the tab".

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    @ibox0 The above is a specific case of Concatenate Commands, which I am used to from Opera 12.18.

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