Slow opening new tab

  • Since the latest update in Vivaldi to 2.0.1309.29, I've been noticing slowness when opening new tab window - it takes 5-10 sec. Previous version doesn't have such a problem at all. I haven't changed anything (i.e. bookmarks database, settings, etc.). I only upgraded from 1.x to 2.0...

  • I should refine my problem: If I double click url in bookmarks tab nothing happens. I should double click the same url once more (or double click any other url in bookmarks tab) and Vivaldi opens both urls immediately. It seems like some software problem...

  • Moderator

    No such problem here. Bookmarks open instantly with double-click.

  • My doesn't open at all. I should open two urls. Then and only then both urls open. Problem appears after upgrade to Vivaldi


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