How to recover accidentally closed tabs

  • I am wondering whether there is a possibility to undo an accidental click on Close other tabs in the context menu of a tab? I intended to click Close Tab but I was probably a pixel off when I clicked and I now find myself with 30+ tabs closed.

    Since I had not saved this set of tabs to a session, the only tabs left in front of me at this moment are those that were pinned.

    Do we have a command like "restore the previous session"? Maybe through History?

    I tried Edit > Undo, to no avail.

  • @voodoopriest Have you tried to retrieve your session and/or your closed tabs from the trashcan in the tab bar or from the window panel?

  • @voodoopriest Ctrl+Shift+T or bin icon in tab bar or window panel (you have to try how to reopen more tabs from there, maybe select more items and then Enter, but it's the fastest solution IMO).

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    You will find every tab you had opened in history unless you delete your history.

  • Many thanks to all. The solution is indeed in the trashcan in the window panel, by selecting all windows (with the secondary mouse button!! the primary button just reopens the one selected). This blessed trashcan has a Reopen entry that reopens all selected tabs. All is well 🙂 I'm starting to like the window panel more and more.

  • Or if you want to immediately open the last tab closed, just middle-click on the trash can! I use the middle-click function all of the time.

  • Before the Window panel ever existed this was a pain. Chrome already had an option to open window of tabs as the recent items in history dropdown menu, but Vivaldi definitely missed that one. If you like extensions I started using "Session Buddy" extension to save my sessions and - it remebers past, unsaved sessions, even on browser close. This helped me million times to quickly restore accidentally closed tabs. Restoring tabs from just the history wasn't a great idea, never as I store tabs in multiple windows, categorized and can leave them opened there for weeks.
    Still, the window pane does this work in very basic way.

  • This would be a lot more helpful if there was a trashcan. I do not see one

  • @mmmjv
    Hi, here you are:

    2019-08-14 23.07.00 5565c67e476f.png

    Cheers, mib

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