Perhaps an opportunity for Vivaldi, from Tim Berners-Lee

  • The inventor of the Internet is keen on transforming it into something more decentralized and secure. Whereas he gave away his first round of internet technology to the world, this time he's funding his ideas with venture capital in order to get them out the door faster, because he doesn't think there's much time to act against the Big Techs before it's too late.

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    @paul1149 To be clear, he is the inventor of the Web, not the Internet. There's a difference. 🙂

    Excellent article. It's strange because just a couple days ago I was thinking about whether it was possible to create a whole new Web, similar to what Berners-Lee envisions. Very apt that he is the one making it happen. Way overdue!

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    I saw him talking about this on a BBC interview today. I very much look forward to seeing how this progresses.

    I have some big concerns with it:

    • It would have to be more easy to use than current solutions - a lot of user focused or privacy centric tools have initial setup costs (time or otherwise)
    • There needs to be a very easy (ideally one click) easy to set it up and import existing data

    And possibly the biggest issue:

    • If 3rd party services do build on it, or somehow hook in to it, how are you going to prevent them just "copying" the data to use themselves.

    I like the idea of a segregated data pods and a decentralised assistant, and for privacy savvy folks that will be a massive boon. But how do you convince Jenny Public to also think privacy first and avoid linking potentially harmful 3rd parties.

    An ecosystem like this will live or die based on how usable it is, and 3rd party integrations could bea big factor. It would only take one bad actor and your private data is out there for good.

    I'm sure they are thinking about this, so i highly anticipated their proposed solutions.

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    This post is deleted!

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