Accent Color from Active Page needs a Gradient Transition Between Tabs

  • The instant shifting of colors as you switch through tabs is just absurd and I don't know how anyone can like it, but adding a gradient transition between different colors as you switch through tabs would pretty much fix this entirely.

    So, if the original tab is yellow and the tab you're about to click will turn it blue, insert a 100-200ms transition from yellow to blue to soften the change. Tab switch itself can be instant, as well as the webpage content, but tab color should follow in with a short delay with a gradient transition.

    Anyone who has ever used the Philips Ambilight feature will know what I mean. You can set it to change colors in an instant, making it very dramatic and even annoying, but you can loosen it up a bit so color shifting is softer and easier on the eyes. That's what Vivaldi Accent Color from Active Page needs. Either a tested fixed value or given how Vivaldi seems to strive for configurability, give users a control in 100's of milliseconds.

    0 milliseconds would be the current behavior of this feature, instant shift of colors. And then users should be able to dial it up all the way to 2000ms (2 seconds). This way you can have instant color changing, slightly calmer at let's say 200ms or super smooth at 1000ms. And for those who really want to push things to eleven, 2 seconds. And some generally acceptable value should be enabled by default instead of this hysterical instant color shifting.

  • @rejzor Vivaldi's Accent Colour from Active Page feature, like the Philips Hue Lighting System is found under Settings, Themes when editing a theme. That is why the thread was moved from the Tabs category to the Themes category. Any new setting to allow gradients for theme colours should be added here, not under the Tab options.

    0_1538472065166_Accent Colour from Active Page.png

  • If anyone is interested, I created a mod for this:

  • @altcode looks nice I'll check it out


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