Solution: If your Vivaldi UI gets minified (UI scaled to 6x smaller)

  • When I updated my Vivaldi from TP3 to the next build ( with automatic update I got a strange problem. The UI of the browser was zoomed out to someting totally unusable and the zoom slider was no help. [img] minified.png[/img] I was able to fix this problem by going to user preferences file (browser closed!): C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Preferences And removing an entry under: [code] "per_host_zoom_levels": { [/code] the entry that I removed was this: [code] "1959781356": { "mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli": -6.603568033847862 }, [/code] After this the browser UI was restored to the correct size. I have no idea where the problem came but if someone has the same problem then you should try this fix.

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    Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    We (hopefully) fixed this issue now, though. You should be fine when next snapshot arrives. 🙂

  • Didn't want to wait until the next build. 😛

  • @mRkukov:

    Didn't want to wait until the next build. 😛

    I know that feeling all too well ! :ohmy: :lol:

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    This post ought to apply to users whose Vivaldi UI gets MAXIFIED as well. A couple of users have complained that their UI grew inexplicably huge, as well. Strikes me as being the same bug.

  • Are current builds ( implementing the official fix?

  • Current builds are not allowing you to resize the browser text/buttons and speed dial, if that's what you mean. Whether they'll actually restore you to default scale if you were at the wrong one before I don't know.

  • Well, my problem was probably different than the usual one. I had a "per_host_zoom_levels" section under a "partition" section, and inside there were several entries that were associated with specific sites. I deleted all the entries but I probably deleted too many curly brackets {}, because on the next load Vivaldi complained that the preferences files was corrupted. It then loaded "default" preferences and the UI is now back to normal on build

    I noticed that the beginning of the old preferences started with

     "autofill": {
          "negative_upload_rate": 1.0,
          "positive_upload_rate": 1.0
       "browser": {
          "app_window_placement": {
             "DevToolsApp": {
                "always_on_top": false,
                "bottom": 743,
                "left": 876,
                "maximized": false,
                "right": 1516,
                "top": 103,
                "work_area_bottom": 1080,
                "work_area_left": 0,
                "work_area_right": 1920,
                "work_area_top": 0

    while the new preferences (that work correctly) do not have that text, the "browser" section only has a "last_google_url" entry.


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