Shortcut editing by direct input is problematic

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    Vivaldi allows editing keyboard shortcuts not by typing out the shortcuts literally (like Opera did) but by pressing the desired shortcut while focus is in the text field. This has some appeal, yet it just doesn't work in many aspects. First, there is a blinking caret in the text field that you can move right and left, suggesting it is a regular text field for editing. This is not correct UI feedback as you can't delete or insert characters at the place of the caret. When you try pressing delete, it just overwrites the entire shortcut with DEL. Whoops, that's not what I want, so I press CTRL+Z to undo that. So the shortcut is now CTRL+Z. No, No, I start panicking so I press escape to get me out of here. The shortcut ends up being ESC... Secondly, certain functionalities such as multiple shortcuts or shortcuts consisting of subsequent inputs are impossible to enter this way. Say in mail you'd like shortcuts G, N to go to next and G, P to go to previous, or M, [x] to Mark as [x] - the current interface will overwrite the first with the second letter. In Opera it was possible to achieve such shortcuts by simply typing them out. Finally it strikes me that functionality such as delete shortcut and restore default are only reachable by mouse now. That's a bit odd for a feature geared towards keyboard users, some of which might not even be able to use a mouse. While some of this might be mitigated by making a custom context menu with appropriate actions for these fields (the current one is overly generic), I'm wondering if direct input is a good model in the first place. For such a power user feature, the model Opera offered was straightforward and did the job.

  • Absolutely!

    This needs a radical revamp to work exactly like the original Opera, which is enormously flexible, context-sensitive, has search to find existing commands, quick fill to find the correct syntax for commands, and copy/paste to replicate similar commands.


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    This works a lot better now in latest snapshot. You should have a look. ;)

  • @Christoph142:

    This works a lot better now in latest snapshot. You should have a look. ;)

    BTW, aside what mentioned by the OP, the shortcuts with ALT as modifier are broken (when alt is pushed the autorepeat starts immediately so is impossible to configure the wanted shortcut.

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    Yeah, that one is known. ;)

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