Can anyone beat an IBM 1401?

  • Yes, back in the 70's I programmed an IBM 1401 using the FORTRAN language. I keypunched the input cards and knew where to kick the tape drive when the mercury switch got stuck. Those were the days.

    Aside from the Atari games the first computer that I actually owned was an Apple II. That machine booted from a floppy disk. The Apple DOS was on every floppy. By hacking the DOS a lot of commercial software could be "cracked". So I would rent the software for a dollar or two, crack the floppy and then return the original software.

    I am still hacking today at age 76.

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    Punch card! I begun a little later. Typing an error had to rewrite. I started with JES .... of interest?

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    Was in the 70's, i was 15 and interested in Computers, helped someone as a punchcard servant to type in FORTRAN data for biomedical calculations on a PDP/8 and Univac 9400.

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