Cloudflare Error 525 - SSL Handshake Error

  • I see regular timeouts today and since about an hour I get occasional 525 - SSL handshake failed errors. Screen shot: [attachment=92]vivaldi-cloudflare-SSL-error.png[/attachment] Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Hi QuHno

    I'm not seeing this , could you be so kind and traceroute to to see what mirror you are going to ?

    So I can add that in the support ticket with cloudflare ?

    thanks a bunch for all your comments and suggestion on our site

  • I hope that I've got the same route while tracerouting:

      1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  *************
      2     3 ms     3 ms     4 ms  ******************
      3    10 ms    11 ms    11 ms
      4    16 ms    15 ms    15 ms
      5    14 ms    16 ms    24 ms []
      6    20 ms    16 ms    22 ms
      7    31 ms    15 ms    15 ms []
      8    17 ms    17 ms    17 ms
      9    18 ms    18 ms    17 ms
    ```I replaced the internal ISP network route with stars because it contains router and IP information. I can send the un-stared route via PM to you if you should need that too.
    btw: I don't know if there is a full version of the screenshot, but the Ray ID
    and the mirror noted as "Amsterdam" in the screen shot could give them a clue too….

  • Thanks buddy

    it seems to be related to that mirror , cloudflare support is looking into this.

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