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  • A previous release of Vivaldi would show inactive tabs and their favicons in greyscale. How would I go about restoring that function in custom.css?

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    Dunno what to do about the icons, but my inactive tabs are currently light shade of blue.

    Here is the CSS for that :

    #tabs .tab:not(.active) {
     	background: linear-gradient(rgb(160,190,240),rgb(150,180,230)) !important;
    That was part of a theme which I have been developing and using, generally blue in colour, but could easily be changed to any other colour thru CSS.
    This is a light grey :

    #tabs .tab:not(.active) {
    background: linear-gradient(rgb(220,220,220),rgb(210,210,210)) !important;

    Smaller numbers make it darker, larger ones lighter.
    Keep each group in step and it stays grey, rather than a colour.
    Make one of the groups more different than the other in overall number, and see a shade change in each tab.
    Cheers ! :cheer:

  • #tabs .tab:not(.active){
    -webkit-filter: grayscale(1);

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    Less typing 😉

    So will a 2 inside the bracket give a darker grey, and so on ?

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    No, only values between 0 and 1. You can also use percentage if you want.


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