Will some O12 Features like Timed Load, Info Panel, "correct zooming" make it to Vivalid?

  • hi I still have O12 besides all those others. Well, only Chrome. Maybe Vivaldi. I miss those O12 features: Timed Reload, Pages with frames are zoomed by extending the frames, not only the contents of the frames, the info panel that showed all links, refs etc. And from Chrome the devtools .. Vivalid's F12 is not yet there where Chrome is .. are they also part of Chromium or are they Google proprietary stuff? I don't need(ed) email, but ok. Where will Vivali head to? Curious. My working machine is running all day. I used to have O12 open with tons of tabs .. Chrome cannot manage as much as O12 ... so, today i still have O12 open with all those and some Chromes. I DO hope that Vivalidi will get some of those unique selling points that O12 had ... Tinu

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    It's never going to be great for running hundreds of tabs because each tab runs in a separate process. That's useful — if one tab crashes it doesn't crash the browser, unlike Opera.

    I think that most of the popular Opera features will make it into Vivaldi in time.

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    Except that Opera hardly crashed and even when it did all you had to do was to reopen since all your last tabs would be there. So that thing that only one tab crashes is basically useless for me.


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